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  1. Did you see also see the stream on the 14th sep with casinodaddy if not, stop reading and watch it one of the most funny streams i have seen. The last two hours of the stream it became more and more funny, another stream casinohoney started to watch casinodaddy stream and joined the chat. Look at casinohoney video from last night. Start from 2hours 53 minute in casinohoney stream when the two girls start to watch casinodaddy. The blond to the left is almost as hot as ante ? There was so many great reply from Pip here is one of them https://youtu.be/95Kq4lhP0-E?t=7h30m31s
  2. orzabit

    street magic

    nice win, you can just drag n drop the picture so it is more easy for people to see it.
  3. orzabit

    Donuts 4800x

    got this nice win with purples
  4. orzabit

    napoleon 1800x win in base game

    got a nice hit on napoleon 4 kr. bet 1800x win in the basegame
  5. orzabit

    Dragon Born epic win 950x

    Hi all, just wanted to share this nice win that my wife had yesterday, even i have played this alot i never came close to a win like this on Dragon Born. Bet size = 5 kr. (danish Kroner) Win = 4751,50 kr (danish Kroner) 950x win :-D [video=youtube]