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  1. Here is some info about their shady business how can they still be having MGA License. And affilliates vouching for them to be legit. (Sugar, Cashimashi etc) under Gammix.
  2. Yes. Don't deposit on Gammix LTD. Atleast don't take any deposit bonuses or highroll here. Same shit happened to me with CashiMashi kind of. But I didn't play a slot on the restricted. They just made up that I placed bets over 5€ which I never did lmao.
  3. Hey, I registered @ CashiMashi through your link. I got a ''father's day bonus'' 2 days ago and deposited 40 euros. I'm well aware that during bonus wagering, you can't bet more than max 5€. And of course, I did not bet even that much. I bet between 0.4-2 euros When I bet 0.5 euros and hit a lucky bonus on El Paso xNudge, 0.5 euro bet, I hit 2000x almost. (around 980 eur) first time I try this game also. They emailed me saying that they adjusted my balance, from 800 euros to 40, and that I bet more than 5€ ???? My max bet was 2 euros on Scarab queen... Help plea
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