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    roshtein fake??

    This is quite funny that peeps are so possessed about who is playing real and who not. In the end, what does it matter? Not cent comes to my account if they win and gladly i don´t lose anything if they lose. I think peeps watch streams mostly because they are interested of the persons that are streaming. Well, at least i watch streams for that. If you just want to see slots, then play them with play or real money on your own, then you can even always choose the slot that you want to play with out asking them via chat :D So do you think you are fooled if they play with fake money? Let me tell you, even if they play with real, you are fooled cause they get multiple bonuses, bigger bonuses than rest, they can play higher bets...... so it gives you all messed up image of "normal peeps" slotting. If i would stream, i wouldn´t show anything just cause i don´t feel that i have to proof anything to people that i don´t know and isn´t their business. And just for fun of it that some people just are this possessed to know :D So just relax and watch the streams that you prefer and let others watch streams that they want to. No need to build your bloodpressure over something that in the end ain´t too important. Peace
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    twistz87 2x50€ Giveaway

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    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 30/03

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    Bonus Hunt When Completed

    Totally agree. I think it would much easier for mods too
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