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  1. here is the proof if people dont believe xd
  2. timschaeffer

    *GIVEAWAY* €1000 hidden in The Dog House!

    twitch: Timschaeffer09
  3. timschaeffer

    Insane 12812x win in DoA 2

    holy moly thats a big one congratz!
  4. timschaeffer

    another reel race win!

    are you kidding me right, the viewer who placed fifth in the 2k round wins another round, here the picture i can cash out those valuables any time 2 in the bank
  5. timschaeffer


    timschaeffer09 = twitch thanks for all the degen years you guys show us and i hope for many more! lets have a donation train for the charity ❤️
  6. so the start was 100 euro with a 200% bonus, so i played with 300 euro the cashout after the wagering was 700 euro, so its profit but the rough thing was that i stayed up on 1500 euro for so long, and the last 30 percent of the wager ripped it a lot. but still i am happy tho with the profit. here are the biggest wins of me (i usually play between 1 - 2 euro bets).
  7. timschaeffer

    Guessing Competition 22/4

    €4265 Timschaeffer09
  8. timschaeffer

    Guessing Competition 20/4

    €8834 timschaeffer09 LETS GET PROFIT
  9. timschaeffer

    hello youtube

    1000x good one! congratz
  10. timschaeffer

    Insane 3000x garga win!

    all i am wondering is, but HOW. good one tho!
  11. timschaeffer

    This was unexpected

    alternation i am guessing? good one lol
  12. timschaeffer

    Who wants to be a millionare- help calculate diamonds

    2 times 4 is 8 ways, and if im right a fullline pays 50x, so would be 400x
  13. i hope the best on your hunt guys! im guessing the bonuses will pay €3945, but i hope more ofcourse! twitch: timschaeffer09
  14. timschaeffer

    New to the gaming community!

    hello and welcome! what would you like to know? can you be a bit more specific