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  1. timschaeffer

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 16/08

    €5154 timschaeffer09
  2. after a good grind on miamidice i got to 5k, then i dropped down to 3.3k at first (i have to wager) but went back to 4.5k and now i got this amazing coldmode that i grinded, check it out! twitch: Timschaeffer09
  3. timschaeffer

    6455x on legacy of ra megaway

    daaaaamn look at those megaways congratz!
  4. €8454 Timschaeffer09
  5. timschaeffer

    Guessing Competition #2 9/7

    15k, its jesus max profit timschaeffer09
  6. Warrrup Fam, It took a while but i managed to get the fullscreen in the game of phoenix reborn! first thought it was 5000x but its 1000x instead, still happy tho haha, check it out.
  7. timschaeffer09 Jesus for number one 1435x
  8. timschaeffer

    Im back! timotheus_slots

    Hello people, For a long time i followed casinodaddy and i tune in daily. In the past i used to share some bigwins here on the forum on slots i play myself but lately i wasn't active anymore. I would like to share some wins i have on slots / roulette / poker and therefore i created an instagram page to share these things. I hope you guys maybe take a look and would like to follow it, i will post bigwins here and maybe do some giveaways in the future, who knows. My new instagram page is: https://www.instagram.com/timotheus_slots/ here is one of last weekend's insane wins on reactoonz, more to come on my new page with kind regards, Tim S
  9. timschaeffer

    Jesus Is Back! - Clip

    waited so long but hellyea! love it to have him back
  10. timschaeffer

    Guessing Competition 23/6

    €7430 timschaeffer09
  11. timschaeffer

    [TOPIC FINISHED] Campeonbet adress verification

    ye im stated here aswell, i do not have a second adress anywhere and everything about me is on this adress aswell.
  12. i will just leave the original message down below, basicly i won a twitch giveaway and i now need to withdraw to my bank / neteller but they simply wont accept anything to proof my adress, maybe you guys have some tips from me. Hello People, So one week ago i was really happy since i won 500 euro in your twitch giveaway provided by campeonbet and svenbet. During the week i tried to verify my account as quick as possible since they did not ask me to give it me straight away but they just put it into my account. Not a big problem i would say since it should not be hard to verify myself but apparently now i have trouble with them. During the full week i uploaded my ID Card (Passpord) and my Neteller info, both accepted. Now when it comes to my adress they keep rejecting everything i send to them. I provided them with the same documents i use at EVERY other casino, and on all other casino’s its fine but here i have no clue why they keep rejecting them. I had contact with the livechat and the KYC team. I started by sending them my phone bill, it was the easiest one to get but then they told me this was not accepted, got that on other sites sometimes aswell so fine. I then made a deposit to them and send them my bank statement (deposit) to them. Then they contacted me by email and said they needed a document that showed an URL with the secure connection symbol. so i logged in online into my bank account and send them a screenshot of this, and still it gets rejected. I am from the Netherlands and currently live with my parents, and i have no clue what to do now, i tried everything they asked and still i dont get anywhere. I hope someone of the mods or maybe Daskelele themselves could contact them and help me with this issue. If you guys have any tips i would love to hear them. In the attachments i will provide the documents i have send to them so you guys get a clear picture of the things i have send. I hope someone can help me and this gets resolved quickly. With kind regards, Tim Schaeffer ________________________________________________________ kept playing on their site this week till my balance hit 0, done with it and never comming back
  13. timschaeffer


    twitch: Timschaeffer09
  14. here is the proof if people dont believe xd
  15. twitch: Timschaeffer09