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  1. Guess: 11654 Twitch/Youtube: timschaeffer09
  2. timschaeffer

    Friend hit 14000x on bonanza back in the days

    old video and you can even see the other streamer down below... scamaz bird find your own wins
  3. Guess: 14567 Twitch/Youtube: Timschaeffer09
  4. Guess: 8723 Twitch/Youtube: timschaeffer09
  5. Jesus 3171x twitch: timschaeffer09
  6. Guess: 9213 Twitch/Youtube: timschaeffer09
  7. timschaeffer

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 20/7

    Guess: 6812 Twitch/Youtube: Timschaeffer09
  8. timschaeffer

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 10/7

    Guess: 28456 Twitch/Youtube: timschaeffer09
  9. timschaeffer

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 4/7

    Guess: 11879 Twitch/Youtube: Timschaeffer09
  10. timschaeffer

    bigwin777 slot BIG WIN (850x)

    got a fullscreen of dem beautifull gems, so i guess this game has some potential haha, check it out! bigwin777 bigwin.mp4
  11. timschaeffer

    that's rich bigwin 750x

    saw some people wondering how this game could pay, i was the lucky one who got a bigwin on it had a 2 euro bet and on the last win spin it gave me the 20x multiplier (spin 7), this was the result
  12. jesus with 2839x, twitch: timschaeffer09
  13. jesus with a 2935x twitch: Timschaeffer09
  14. so yesterday i hit an amazing straight flush on big bets, wich got me into doing some more blackjack today and i hit the bucketlist hand! i started on 100 euro playing minimal on the hand inself but a lot of 5 - 10 euro on the sidebets, first i had a lot of colored pair, mixed pair etc. and some flushes, but after a while i first hit the straight flush paying 40x, that was amazing, but when i was about to cashout on my last hand i did a raise on the sidebets (from 5 euro both to 7 - 8 euro on sides) making it a perfect 750 cashout, but i guess 750 was not the end, enjoy this last hand making it a cashout of 1740€