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  1. timschaeffer

    2 coins missing from Mega jackpot on 0.2e bet

    had an evening with my friends once all playing this game, everyone of us had 1 off so its nothing new.
  2. timschaeffer

    bonanza did it! (1189x)

    so my recording program doesn't work anymore so i tried filming it with the phone but fked it up, so i took screenshots of my video, here the highlights:
  3. timschaeffer

    5100x Book of Gods

    A print on book of gods for real? lol good one Joon!
  4. timschaeffer

    Big win on dragon's fire (almost 5000x)

    wow thats a good one! and i cant even land the bonus haha enjoy your winnings!
  5. timschaeffer

    Guessing Competition 13/03

    €6843 timschaeffer09
  6. timschaeffer

    jo wtf equador (150x)

  7. timschaeffer

    montezuma big win! (677x)

    i lost one printscreen, lot of wilds connecting full lines with the girl on 3x, payed 100x. great bonus after a badsalt one.
  8. timschaeffer

    Reactoonz garga pays twice! (384x)

    got twice the oranges with the first and second garga, i was happy since i was about to rip my balance.
  9. timschaeffer


    i think pip is not the one that needs to calm down here.. chat likes the bottle thing / ask him how the f he does it.
  10. timschaeffer

    Remember when ante...

    just found this back hahahahaha wtf
  11. €19487 timschaeffer09
  12. timschaeffer

    another primal bigwin! (~250x)

    got the wins after the bonus guarentee spins Feelsgoodman