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  1. slotsofnorway Ebro ofc! 2788
  2. sjoroveren

    Decent hit on primal (10,000x)

    Massive hit, enjoy the winnings.
  3. sjoroveren


    Amazing, wow
  4. sjoroveren

    Danger high voltage +1000 x

    Thanks, needed that one after the loss on roulette, thats my poison! better stay away from the table. and ofc i cashed out all of it and put on a lock on the account for 7 days to cool of littlebit and give the casino time to withdraw the money. Funny thing is that the winning came from a canseled withdraw due to they comming with the same b**** storye everytime and delaying. THIS time it bit them in the a** though
  5. sjoroveren

    Danger high voltage +1000 x

    Had a bad run on roulette, decided to go danger high voltage with some tiltbet for the last money, and then this one hit. Needless to say that it brought me back in tha game
  6. sjoroveren

    Book of ra 6

    Nice 893 x hit