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  1. Thanks you all for registrations. Didn't expect so much. Thanks again!
  2. I can't realize why is Virtual Sports big trend. Becuase I never even tried to find it at casino or sportsbook website. Am I only one who has no interest to this game type? But why every single company, I mean gambling and betting are going to get virtual sports? I have no idea. So, that's why I'll try to find the answer with the help of experts in iGaming field. Only for Registered People, Slotegrator provides Set of Gambling Webinars absolutely free. All you need just Name & e-mail. https://slotegrator.com/Virtual-Sports-Webinar-August2018 See you there, dears!
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    Game aggregator

    Something new?
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    How slots actually work

    @super325 Wtf are you talking about. How can the math algorithm be changed out of room temperature???
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    Hello, Jay. You are welcome!
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    How slots actually work

    To clarify with anatoly133's 1 post, want to recommend article, where you can in get to know what is the slot machine dispersion and volatility. Check out.
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    Get live dealers.

    Noone has any chanse versus Slotegrator's rating of live dealer providers. Check out here
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    Can I help you? What exactly do you want to know?
  10. fking h8r & competitor of william hill! ngabtch
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    TTR Casino

    Hello, TTR (one of the most popular casino streams in CIS region. Got to know it from this article . Someone mentioned u
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    Get live dealers.

    Let's try to check out an article where you can find live dealers casino.
  13. Yeah, text content is a good proof Kappa
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    Game aggregator

    Hello, guys. Last night I was trying to sleep about 3 hours because of the idea that came to my mind. So the idea is to get the possibility to include all popular casino games from best game providers (Novomatic, Endorphina, NetEnt and others) to one piece. So, if casino owners want to get games and spend less money, they contact me with the inquiry of game integration. But the question is how to get the games from providers. Your thought about it L&G.
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    Movies about gambling

    Ocean's Eleven, 2001 There hasn’t been a day since a thief Danny Ocean is released, and he has already been planning to organize the most elaborate casino robbery of all time. He intends to steal 160 million dollars from the three most successful casinos in Las Vegas. In a single evening, Danny selects a team of eleven "experts" who are able to perform this audacious theft. Ocean's team consists of a first-class card shark, a young but skillful pickpocket, and a brilliant destroyer. To commit this insane and difficult robbery, Ocean will have to risk his life. Hayroller: The Stu Ungar Story, 2003 This is a real story about Stu Ungar – an outstanding American poker player who has won the main tournament of the World Series of Poker three times. In addition, for a long time, Unger was the only player who managed to win the main WSOP match on the first try (Chris Moneymaker was the only one who replicated this success in 2003). Moreover, Stu is an owner of five WSOP bracelets. In the movie, we will not find something new – hard times, failures and achievements, love and hate, temptation, and more what every poker player faces, as well as each of us. I created this list a long time ago, but I am sure it is still worth to check out. Strongly believe you'll like it.