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  1. A few days ago I accepted a bonus on Sugar casino. I already played Lots of different casino’s also via this site. I did a €100,- deposit and had a €100,- bonus. I did €2,- spins and won a 1800x bonus (€3600,-). To finish my wagering off €1700,- I started to do higher bets (€5,-) I am used to that the casino doesnt allowed to let you play and blocks the bet so you can not make the mistake. after wagering I had a balance off €4200,- and did a withdraw requested. They needed some papers and I profided it. After 2 days I got a mail that my withdraw was cancelled and that my money was taken by the casino. It was because I did €5,- bets instead off €4,- bets. I know it is better to read the terms first but I played over 25 casino’s and never had this problem. when I contacting support they dont want to help and say that I nees to send a mail. I Made 1 small mistake with the bets and they took all the money. It is not fair in my opinion. Can somebody advice me?
  2. Vino

    14527x DoA2

    You arr very lucky sir. Played 1000+ spins myself. Had like 5 bonusses and they didn't pay me more than 25x. Some payed 10x. Or you love this slot or you hate it haha. Guess I hate it.