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  1. What is this? a mob base? - So aboutslots/casinodaddy deliver information to their "employers". You can make threats to me, trust me.
  2. Well, sometimes its nice just to listen to a bonus right? .. there you go Game: Book of dead Bonus: 10s book-of-dead-bonus-10s.mp3
  3. Hi people, The other day, I deposited a few coins on LeoVegas (they had a 100% deposit bonus offer that day). Fine, I played, hit a few good bonuses and had a thrill for some hours. I managed to wager a good portion, and was curious if I could withdraw a portion of it. Sure enough: Of a total of 3000, the 500 was still locked as a bonus, so I mad a withdraw of 2500. The next day (they usually do no reply to any mail that fast), they wrote me, that they couldnt accept a withdraw to a "non confirmed" bank. In Denmark we have this NemID which makes it pretty safe for them to know it's legit. They cancelled the withdraw and returned the 2500 into the totals, but the 500 disappeared. Even though, it was cancelled by themselves and putted back into my account, I'm still missing the 500. I wrote them, and their answer came a few days later, just a standard anwer saying "we dont cheat people" .. Fair enough, but where's my 500 I asked them again.. No answer, I then wrote them again 3 days ago asking them where my last 500 went? - Still no answer. I mean, if they cancel a withdrawal because of missing documentation (docs, images of cards etc), they SHOULD put it back to the exact same amount into my account, instead they "took" the 500 and left me with a 2500 balance. I played them all on 10 bet spins with no bonus spins, no hits, nothing. It just went to 0 which is pretty unlikely on 250 spins. I felt punished twice. Why is LeoVegas so "square" about everything? Not only its the place I win less among the 20-30 places I frequent, but their support definately very arrogant.
  4. Right, found out that combined with betting & poker, the slots "kid of forget" previous wins and immediately give new wins .. just me?
  5. Thought I'd sit down and relax a bit - All started like this: 1. Got a $215 free ticket from Bwin. 2. Used them in a heads-up NL poker game and won it. 3. Started out playing Casino games and quickly turned them into approx. 6.000 DKK 4. Then it started going down 5. Put 2000 DKK rest on a odds 1.75 game (and won .. back to 3500 DKK) 6. Then I grinned it up on different games (made a 3000 DKK on Golden King, hit a few Bonanza bonuses) 7. Then after dinner this evening i started "Legacy of Egypt" and it just kept hitting pyramids like crazy .. ended on almost 12.000 DKK all together Let me say, that I didn't played slots until a few months ago when I discovered "CasinoDaddy" and asked why, how Jesus was collecting bonuses .. Thought it was so cool, and here I am trying it out and very happy
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