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  1. trevado

    131k fruit party

    Honestly don’t even remember which fruit or how many. I think it was $960x128x though or something close to it. Kind of went lightheaded from shock. Yes I was playing on my phone and yes I cashed out 130k already. I normally spin for $1 but I was on a super heater and already cashed out a bunch so I just went for it
  2. trevado

    Decent hit on primal (10,000x)

    Didn’t realize that you could win over 10,000x and they would reduce it to 10,000x exactly. Never ran into that issue but I won’t complain
  3. trevado


    Balance saver Garga... X2
  4. trevado

    Book of dead full line

    Couldn’t find a bonus to save my life, but hit this gem and thought for sure 4 spins later it was coming again :(
  5. Yea, I'm still in shock....
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