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  1. WildJack

    Spingo recommendations

    I've never played Spingo but while browsing on the web I was able to find a bunch of articles regarding different strategies, you may be interested in checking this one.
  2. WildJack

    Never on Casino.com again

    On sign up you receive 20 free spins and then any money you make can't be played on any game. Total waste of time and customer service give inaccurate advice. Far better sites out there. This is the worst one I've tried by far.
  3. WildJack


    in my experience, you can win here, but if you want to withdraw the money or set limits to your accounts it just won't be possible, I would avoid this casino
  4. WildJack

    5 scatters on my last couple of euros

    Congratz buddy
  5. WildJack

    Poker Music

    Hello do you guys listen music while you playin' if yes suggest some inspirational mix or songs
  6. WildJack

    must see? flame busters crazy bell landings (276x)

    wow what a strange games how old is it
  7. WildJack

    Thanks to the Freespin offer at the !shop

    Wünsche und Glückwünsche aussprechen
  8. WildJack

    5200 x + on Danger High Voltage!!! BELLS BABY!

  9. WildJack

    Sky Casino- RoboCop BIG WIN

    old but gold
  10. WildJack


    Hello guys just joined the forum im bonus hunter hope we can help each others