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  1. Hey guys, I'm new on this forum, but I've been in the online casino community since back when CasinoStreamer started streaming. I work as software engineer, and I'm interested in how systems work. Obviously, having watched a lot of streams, and played a LOT of slots, I've been pondering how they might actually be working too. I've glanced at some of the software used to write the OpenBET and GameART slots (some of the documentation used to be online). What I'm wondering is if anyone here has any knowledge or info so that we could compile a thread of things we have learned, and theorize about the parts we haven't yet. If there are any other programmers around, we could even maybe start a hobby project and try to write one. Note, I mean the backend server software, not the frontend flash / js, that part is easy. If anyone's interested in this sort of stuff let me know! -- zicadaLOL (Thomas)