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  1. hey all, i got this convo with queen vegas offering a streamer a credit card so he doesnt have to use his own money and it looks real. feels really shady. obviously only a certain type of streamer would promote this casino.. i blurred out the names because of privacy guess we can add this casino to the list with multilotto viks n1 etc
  2. Slotdreamer91

    roshtein fake??

    hey all. im new here. just wondered what are your thoughts about roshtein?? pretty sure he's completely fake, both in how he does and the money he plays with. All casinos he played/plays at are kinda known to give deals so that streamer can play with their money to get people to join their scammy sites also one of the casinodaddy viewers or mods idk which one gave me this document, should we report for this??? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G9_V-vXjC6Mmuuxf0lddfnv6jSPN2kozVv65PhGxH6I/edit#gid=0 looks like viewbots, and jarttu as well? what do you think guys :sss its not fair to scam people to such sites +viewbots