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  1. guskib

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 2/11

    Guess: 4689 Twitch/Youtube: Protato_Nz
  2. guskib

    retrigger with skulls

    Not the biggest win but my first retrigger on danger
  3. guskib

    The grails man

    considering it was $100 deposit yeah thats a cashout
  4. guskib

    Amazing base game hit | 1100x+ | €10 bet.

    Holy Shit nice win dude
  5. guskib

    17000x on Dead or Alive 15.444 Euro

    Insane win gg
  6. guskib

    A good win

  7. guskib

    Over 38 000x DOA2

  8. guskib


    Think i was a bit over hyped at the time forgot to add finally a wildline to bad no extra wilds but it hit early on
  9. guskib

    magnetic wilds 580x