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    Stream fan art & an introduction (WIP)

    Sadly i never had the time to work on this today, but i'm still open to all suggestions I will continue this soon enough
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  5. (Work in progress) Hi everyone! My name is Jesper and I'm from Denmark, where I also study graphic design. I have silently been following and enjoying the stream for quite some time and have always thought about doing some sort of fan art for the brothers and the stream in general. First I recreated the basics of the "casinodaddy" logo in 3d with a golden texture. I then found some slot machines and borrowed some of the most well known avatars. After that I found a rock texture and added some dimensions to it to make it pop out. I wanted to create a slot like loading theme that would relate to the theme of the stream and I think I'm getting closer. It's made with inspiration from various games and their loading screen. I'll be continuing this tomorrow, but my question is, what can I improve and what text information would you like to see included, besides the "sticky" and the "exclusive bonuses"? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! (I know the reflection is off in it's color in the grey version)