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    ikibu max cashout

    they contacted me and took away they 6x maximum. after i noticed them it says maximum 6 x cashout based on the first deposit which in this case was 500 x 6 = 3000 SEK 500 SEK deposit+500 SEK Bonus+300 SEK deposit+150 SEK Bonus total 1450 SEK x 100=145000 SEK Thats how they explained it to me in the email. And that was after the wagering was done. I could choose between 1800 SEK cashout and lose 1700 or wager 3500 SEK 145000 SEK if u got what i mean. //Björne
  2. Bjorne71

    ikibu max cashout

    Hi there. im new to slots more into sports betting. just want to share an experience on ikibu casino. deposit 500 Sek and get the same amount in bonus. 1000 SEK total. spent it all and got a message saying make a new deposit and get 50 % again in welcome bonus. ok, i did and put in another 300 Sek and got 150 SEK in bonus. total amount 450 SEK. played alot and got up to aprox 5000 SEK. checked the wager and played down to 3500 SEK. Checked the account and the amount to cash out said 3500 since i did the wager. after a couple of days i got an email saying in words that the amount that i can cash out is 1800 SEK (6x the deposit) if i want to stick to the 3500 SEK i have to wager it 145000 SEK. yes you read it right. based on following. 500 deposit+500 Bonus+300 deposit+150 Bonus total 1450 SEK x 100 which is 145000 SEK for a profit of 3500 SEK. let me know if im stupid or not. but for me it is crazy. in the end it means that i have to wager 450 SEK, 322 times to be able to cash out 3500 SEK. :-) /Björne