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  1. Olempiaps

    The Dream- Book Of Ante

    no words for this, just took me 3 years to get KEKW.
  2. Olempiaps

    How a hot streak F***** my life....

    Amen bro. ITS never a way to make money. Just a expensive hobby. Countless times have i won substanstial amounts just to lose it all back and even more of my own money. be responsible guys. Don’t be like us
  3. Olempiaps

    $10 to $2000 - 5277x DOA2 hit

    I usually bet 20-40 NOK , but discovered i was in bad habit of gambling and becoming addicted. I decided to take time off and noticed i had some spins n go tickets on my stars account and ran it up with monopoly live to about $10. That $10 turned into more, but im so happy to finally have hit my wild line chasing it for 1 year and even on Doa2, the money doesn’t even mean as much as the goal. Also some other hits below. Hot streak.
  4. Olempiaps


    Twitch: Olempiaps
  5. Olempiaps

    DOA 6025x

    Håper du casha endel ut! Enjoy the money on something Nice bro like some tren gains
  6. Olempiaps

    1100x on dragons treasure 90 spins and some BOD

    Sadly lost it yeah, haven’t had a cashout for months so taking a break
  7. So i decided to play with 500NOK raw (€50) and landet a bonus on dragons treasure. Chose best symbol and managed to get a sick 90 spins retriggers and not even once landed 4 but still Paid 1100x. Decided to play some BOD before i cashed out had some sick hits but ended up losing the whole balance in the end so no cashout for me ;( http://imgur.com/a/8UzwrCX
  8. Olempiaps

    BOD 2 Explorer lines one session

    Don’t know how to embed but yeah. Sadly low bets, but was on my bucket list to get Explorer line now i have two!
  9. Olempiaps

    NYspins *Problems*

    Open a complaint on AskGamblers and explain. It sad that for big WIN withdrawal They care about the T&C, but if you Do the same and make a mistake bet on lower withdrawal They go ahead and forgive you for the mistake. Make a complaint make They will help you like me They gave me 50% back.
  10. €13337 olempiaps on twitch