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  1. Kiemlon

    Live Blackjack Casino

    I`ve found one site about gambling, click here to see it for yourself - https://www.apnet.com/natcasino/basta-casino/. I haven`t quite understood what this is all about, the language seems to be Swedish, I thought it might be a casino or something, has anyone tried using the site, can it be trusted at all? Maybe other languages can be switched on somewhere on the site, it`d be great, I`d do some playing there in this case!
  2. Kiemlon

    Get live dealers.

    Hello! I totally agree with those who state that running business has nothing to do with lying in a hammock and drinking pina colada. It's daily work with lots of reasons for having constant stresses and nervous breakdowns. The worst thing for me was the advertising campaign. People are often too lazy to write a good testimonial even if they were totally satisfied with your goods or services. So, at the beginning of my own business project, I used the help of Elfsight Testimonials Slider. This widget creates vivid and true-to-life testimonials of people thus increasing the credibility of your own site. If you want to know more, I will leave a link https://elfsight.com/testimonials-slider-widget I felt that people started to get more interested in my project and I believe it was thanks to these testimonials as well.
  3. Kiemlon

    bitcoin slots

    Hello, my dear friends. I guess you as well don't like to be sniffed by other people regarding your financial status. Crypto-currencies used to be the best for that but modern technologies allow federal officers to track your crypto operations. Best bitcoin tumbler helps you in such scenario by making you anonymous.
  4. Kiemlon


    Didn't think gambling might imply getting any bonuses, but last time I was playing btc blackjack I was lucky to get some fat bitcoin blackjack bonuses, I was really amazed, I didn't imagine it could be possible, but definitely it was a pleasant thing! Why not play some blackjack when you feel like winning some btc?
  5. Kiemlon

    Tip from a poor man's gambler

    It's amusing that since I heard about payday loans PA some time ago, they have been around still, it's cool for such a business, I thought such things don't last long but this one is ok, it seems people trust them and not without reasons! So if you choose this service, I think you won't be disappointed!