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  1. How much will all the bonuses pay in total? The closest guess will get €100 pure cash! Write guess (€) and twitch username to enter the competition. IF YOU THINK YOU'RE THE WINNER AND WANT TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE CONTACT LIMGA ON FORUM/TWITCH. IF YOU DON'T CONTACT LIMGA WITHIN 24 HOURS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PRIZE!! We can only send out winnings to a Skrill account RULES: You can only guess ONCE. You can edit your answer up until the thread is closed. Start: €3,600 Bonuses: ARROUND 11
  2. Hey Casino Family, Today 10 winners will get 25€ euro each (skrill/paypal). 1st winner will get a Spinal Tap book + 25€. RIP and PIP will play 4 games on stream. 1. White Rabbit 2. The Golden Owl of the Arena 3. Book of Gods 4. Spinal Tap _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ One thing you have to do is write in comment below who gonna win this competition + your twitch/youtube nickname. For example. RIP - LIMGA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT 1. You can guess only once. 2. If i find you guess twice or more you are not gonna get your prize. 3. If you win you have to contact LIMGA on forum or on twitch. 4. You will see winners on stream after competition. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here you can check who is in the lead! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10ASI6MxyllD_18ExU8X8fYXGhZLjhTS9voL5H8B5qno/edit#gid=0