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  1. reelslotface

    €2 bet 5100x

  2. Very nice on stream hit on Magic Mirror deluxe II- Full re-triggers and 2596x. My first YouTube worthy video
  3. reelslotface

    Just a 1437x misclick

    I thought i was playing Lightblocks at 50p a spin, turned out it was 50p a line. This came in after just 3 spins. Best misclick ever!
  4. Couple of nice hits tonight after a long dry spell. Also had 70 spins in Book of Ra 6 with the bird symbol. Only (ha!) 350x though.
  5. reelslotface

    Knights Life 2000x

    Nice hit in Knights Life after hitting a retrigger
  6. reelslotface

    1053x BOD

    Massive hit in BOD. 4 glorious explorers span in for my biggest ever win of £5265!
  7. reelslotface

    15 Pinks on Reactoons

    Just had this one too. This could have been absolutely huge but Garga landed on 4 pinks.
  8. reelslotface

    15 Pinks on Reactoons

    Gargatoon finally deemed me worthy of 15 pinks.
  9. First time for me, spinning in a full line of explorers on Book of Dead. I'll take it
  10. reelslotface

    Nice hit onWhite Rabbit - 3148x

    So close to 5 retriggers.
  11. reelslotface

    Gold Cup 1000x Single line hit

    Why not spin in a 1000x single line?
  12. reelslotface

    First big win on Diamond Mine (Bonanza clone from BPG)

    I just had 815x on this. Looks like this slot could be way better than Bonanza for paying out some nice wins.
  13. reelslotface

    815x on Diamond Mine!

    Hit 815x at £0.60 on Diamond Mine within 100 spins of playing this slot for the first time. It psyched me out by dead spinning 5 times before re-triggering and playing nicely. BOOM!