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  1. SilvyPlays

    €1500 Hit Knight's Life

    https://clips.twitch.tv/HardAggressiveDadKevinTurtle Sick journey on Ikibu. Started 200€+200€ ended up withdrawing 4000€ with a rock solid wager. Fun stuff /Silv
  2. Now, this happened only fifteen minutes after my Big Win on Flame Busters. I had an 8000SEK limit before cashout. Clipped by: cmuDAVEcmu And Next Video for full context and highlight: This all resulted in a 20.000SEK cashout from a starting balance of 3000SEK Regards, Silv
  3. Had a beautiful hit on Flame Busters earlier tonight! We had 28 people sharing the fun in the stream. https://clips.twitch.tv/BlazingRacyCaterpillarBrokeBack Such a good feeling, But just wait! There's another clip coming in the next post. Regards, Silv