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  1. TranceLucienT

    Ante POTM

    new patch was released and ante got nerfed hard, ogge on the other hand got boost and is now too OP, NO Kappa
  2. TranceLucienT

    15 pinks.. 3d time in 7h

    now thats a heater, and raise strat too, well done mr. pink garga
  3. TranceLucienT

    Guessing Competition 23/6

    11831€ TranceLucienT
  4. ok the tournaments have appeared in socialtournamets site, they are at 14.00 & 15.00 sweden time, NOT 12.00 and 14.00!!!!! im sure new times are for the same reason as to the tournaments were postponed yesterday, that there was no stream on, lets hope the brolos fire up the stream soon and GL to every1
  5. TranceLucienT

    Ordered a CasinoDaddy Special at the korvkiosk today

    and ofc the scammaz bird too aye...
  6. TranceLucienT

    2 epic cashouts on 2.5 day streak with 10$ start

    thanks guys upgrades were welcome, and the pioneer was indeed a needed toy, since my old controller/mixer had quite alot of wear and tear have gambeled about 1000 back, worst run ever prob now, had 1300 spins with no bonus so break has been in place mostly, few 10-20 € tests, but that its hard when luck wont be a lady tonight, or even a BONUS cruel mistress, but when warm, woweee....
  7. if you would have read what others pointed to and what i said earlier in this topic, you would have all the answers, if you were not verified on last week when the payout round was done, u will get then next week, wed-thu. if you dont receive emails, there were some problems with msn.com adresses atleast, but that would point to problems with outlook type accounts. also FAQ ---> go
  8. so here is my 2 cashouts and the biggest wins along the way, i started with 10$ and made the lower cashoutof 4500€, made few yolo sports bets wich returned 17$ by next morning and grinded that again to 4.650€, this is from like 1.5 months ago the monopoly is a video, i didnt start to film untill half way thru as i realized it could HIT and the funny thing about the wild world 10€ hit was that i was just getting second day going, and i must have accidentally pressed max bet so it was 10 instead of 1 euro, noticed it only almost at the end of the bonus and was like THAT HAPPENED DOE and this is some of the things i invested in at the bottom VID_20190430_063502.mp4
  9. TranceLucienT

    roshtein fake??

    i know jarttu84 irl, from over 20 year´ish back and i have to say he is not the type of guy to use viewbots or play with playmoney or anything, as far as i know, i say he is 100% legit, also jarttu streams other things like PoE and such and then he has 100-300 viewers only, wich is 5-20% of viewers he gets when streaming slots. as what goes for rohstein, i will not say anything, cause i have nothing to back up any of my thoughts but jarttu i will back up 100%
  10. i got my money just a little while ago, also there is a problem with msn.com emails, i recommend messaging support, so they can change it to something else(gmail preferred), they just wont come thru. but the support was helpful and they changed the email from there straight in the system, as the info has cooldown even after sign-up they also credited wins from start of this week, just remember to validate and if you won and didnt receive any emails from the automated winner system, message support have a nice day and njoy your winnings big up to casinodaddy, zyvera, and all at pragmatic and everyone else who work in the shadows maybe
  11. TranceLucienT

    Our sincere apologies...

    just incase someone is also waiting for their cap and wondered what happened doe, i talked to dan few days ago, and he said then that the caps will be sent (latest patch of them) when all 300 have been sold(13 was left at the time), it happened few days ago, so propably they start sending them sometime next week
  12. @Lars2TheVs cant see all of your addons, but i can instantly see you have adblock enabled on socialtournaments page, also how did you find that win, that is shown on pragmatics statistic site? i for one cant find such links to my game history, but that is propably just me there is a reason why all adblocks and script blockers are disabled when u register or play at online casinos, its been stated millions of times. but lets just chill and wait, @Dan_Pragmatic will do what is supposed to be done
  13. 1st things 1st, thanks to you all, @Casinodaddy @Zyvera @Dan_Pragmatic & *.*@pragmatic, its been fun playing these to get to know new games. well, i suggest investigating your browser and addons, perhaps noscript, adblock or other privacy related things like autodestructingcookies can cause this, ive played now 18 tournaments, and i have had no problems with the scores, but it didnt work without cookie whitelist, i had to also allow scripts 3x in row so it found all places it wants to connect, and ofc disable adblockers for socialtournaments. a game like a bonus game can timeout if you have too strict cookie policies in place etc. i think all my tournaments are on the new servers, so cant really comment on earlier tournaments, never was even close to top, now i got top 3 though, but we will see what will happens, at the time of posting this, all the casinodaddy tourneys are still pending.
  14. TranceLucienT


    Twitch: TranceLucienT