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  1. Hanta

    Danger HV 6000x!

    Been waiting for this spin.
  2. Hanta

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 8/1 II

    Guess: 21210 Twitch/Youtube: Hanta_74
  3. Hanta

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 7/1

    Guess: 19002 Twitch/Youtube: Hanta_74
  4. Hanta

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 4/1

    Guess: 5020 Twitch/Youtube: Hanta_74
  5. Hanta

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 16/08

    8800 Euros Twitch Hanta_74
  6. Hanta

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 04/08

    9000 Euro Twitch Hanta-74
  7. Hanta

    2 small things.

    Yo. 1. The "new follower" banner sometimes gets in the way of the intense moments of a slot. Is it possible to move it a bit, or make it smaller? 2. The bonuses hunted banner in the bottom. Is it possible to make it scroll like 50% faster? i fall asleep while trying to see all bonuses Just 2 suggestions Best casino-stream out there.
  8. 11222 Euro Twitch: Hanta-74
  9. 5200 Euros Twitch Hanta-74
  10. Masse ofc. 5329 Euro. Hanta-74
  11. OT I made coffe meanwhile. 100x 100 bonus spins later, Imagine 50 spins on MIL.
  12. Hanta

    Wonky Wabbits [Playmoney but still sick]

    Were u down to 6000 Euro, and did bet 150 Euro/spin and won 114 k Euro? Sick. Gratz
  13. Hanta

    Smallest wins & Teases

    Omg, was just looking for this topic! Imagine this. Reactoonz Insicion Wilds Not a single connection!!
  14. Nice, Did u buy the bonus or got the bonus on 1 Kr? Anyway its a nice 2500x
  15. Hanta

    Go pro hero 7 Silver

    Twitch - Hanta_74
  16. One more x6 and im done