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  1. mytimee

    Live Blackjack Casino

    I also love to play this game, It is quite nice game. There are many places now a days where we can play blackjack online I play it online most of the time. Yes you are right it is hard to beat the dealer but sometimes we won and that is nice.
  2. mytimee

    Tip from a poor man's gambler

    Yes it is really very nice tip. There are so many people who don't earn that much and want to win big. So this gonna be quite good for them, if they get lucky they can win some money and they will also not get in any kind of trouble.
  3. mytimee

    Had a shot at this Chinese styled game

    That's nice so you won something in it or not? I will like to play this one too, By the way do you know the place where we can get best live dealer casino to play online?
  4. mytimee

    Get live dealers.

    Do you ever look for any live dealers for casino. I also found that most of the people like to play live casino in place of offline one. So, get some live dealer casinos and won some big money while playing your favorite games, Like blackjack, 21, Roulette And Others. Good luck!!
  5. mytimee

    Revlo is shutting down on June 16th

    Maybe you will loose they point or maybe they will transfer them if they will open any other website as I think. So, I htink for now you should start playing the game on any other website. Thanks.
  6. mytimee

    CasinoDaddy Song <3

    I also heard this song And absolutely love this song it is quite nice, This is actually for the people who really like playing casino whether it is online or in real. I also love casino and I enjoy it very much.