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  1. Hi guys, had my bigggets money win in like 5 years of playing slots yesterday.. Deposited 100e two times so 200e in.. After second depo I run good on Legacy so I decided to push the stake from my normal 1e too 1.5 and then to 2e.. Than I hit the full line explorer for 500x.. After that I put the bottom line on 700e cashout and tried to get a bonus on 2e.. Got one, but was shit.. Then raised once more too 3e and got a 2100x bonus with all symbols and 2 extra retriggers after that.. I know some people will say it could have paid more but I am insanely happy with it because like I said my normal betsize I play like 70% of time is around 1 euro.. My biggest money win ever.. 7.1k cashout <3 and a little shoutout to jefe because money is already on my bank account, when you're verified the cash out every amount in 24h, everytime top when I win.. Of course I do not win every time Kappa
  2. hannen94

    Big Coin win Razor Shark

    When the game was released i had the 1000x coin in basegame instantly (also uploaded here in forum) but since than i had like 10 to 15 shit bonuses between 0x and 30x always.. Today i had a first good bonus hit
  3. hannen94


    Nice one brother i like that this hit gone to a student which feature it was? Stacked one?
  4. hannen94

    Razor shark 2500X GOLD COIN!!!

    I had the 1000x coin, its also here in the forum.. 2500x is insane, big congrats
  5. hannen94

    Street Magic..Hell Yes !!

    Can never win over 20x in this slot big congrats!
  6. hannen94

    48 Spins Rise of Merlin

    Hey, I already uploaded a 1300x on Dog House yesterday and in the same session i hit this beauty on Rise of Merlin.. Total cashouts was like 4.5k euro.. My luckiest session ever ❤️
  7. hannen94

    13 Spins in Dog House can't pay?

    Another 2.5k cashout, so lucky atm
  8. hannen94

    13 Spins in Dog House can't pay?

    Hey Guys, few minutes ago i raised my bet because i already cashed out nearly 2k euro and than this insane win happend.. My biggest win in euro so far.. (not bet multiplier)
  9. hannen94

    1000x Coin in Razor Shark

    Hey guys.. I saw the bros play razor shark today on stream and liked the idea of the game so I played it myself in the evening.. Before I already hit a 750x+ hit on merlin so I already cashed out 500 from a 100 euro raw deposit.. This sick hit gave me another 400 euro cashout for 800 euro profit 8) this game Has insane potenziale
  10. hannen94

    Insane Run in Dog House

    Hey Guys! Had an amazing short run at the Dog House Today.. Within like 70 spins I hit a 500x, than a 250x and then a 850x so my balance gone up from 26 euro to 1280 euro in 10 mins with 80 cent bets never had 3 bonuses like that in a row before.. After wagering I could cashout 1000 euro from 80 Euro deposit
  11. hannen94

    1031 x Book of Dead

    I finally hit the Dreambonus with the Scamazbird (and the equivalent symbol) in book of Dead... Startet the bonus with 2 times 3 birds and 2 times 4 birds and then the full screen happend.. Only needed like 200 bird bonuses for that hit lol
  12. hannen94

    Guessing Competition 9/7

    8258 Euro twitch: hannen94
  13. hannen94

    5590x on Dragons fire

    What a win, congrats!
  14. hannen94

    5 Scatters Madame Destiny

    I finally hit the 5 scatters at Madame Destiny.. What a hit!
  15. hannen94

    1000x Ancient Egypt Classic

    Hey Guys, had an amazing slot session yesterday. Cashed out 950 euro from a 100 Euro deposit at 50 cent bets.. First I hit a 425x on dragon horn, then a 453x on Donus and in the end I hit this insane 1000x win on ancient Egypt.. I wish everyone good luck at the weekend :)