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  2. Atleast you got an answer, a week passed by and I haven't received a decent response to my question regarding the payouts. No response on emails, no response here on the forum. Only after I asked @Zyvera for help and he guided me to the Discord and contact @Dan_Pragmatic there directly, the only response I received directly was on Thursday: "see this response as I've seen your message". Silence after that.
  3. I had a $1611,00 win (161.100 points worth) and it didn't add the points to my account but gave it to me as playable balance. I ended on 33k points, but it should've been 194k points. At the moment of writing I should've been on position 1.
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  8. And just cut the Youtube stream and go 100% Twitch. They will get 100's (maybe even 1000+) of subscribers. Although it will probably not even be close to cover the 'costs' of the current bonus system, it's a way to get some more money from the stream. When Casinodaddy get's partnerered with Twitch the ad revenue also goes to Casinodaddy instead of Twitch. They could do an ad break every hour for 5 minutes (instead of watching some chair playing Garga on €3 bet).
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