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    CasinoHeroes / Speedybet

    Just to clarify, theres no bonus offers on the site at all. Besides I never take bonuses cause I cant be bothered reading through the terms and I end up losing the money 9/10 anyway.
  2. HoonBaboon

    CasinoHeroes / Speedybet

    Marhaba senoritas Its my by birthday tomorrow and quite frankly I dont give a shit about this, other than the fact that the support staff triggered me with their tone in the emails exchanged. Anyway long story shortened, I decided to relax and try a new betting site, Speedybet which is Casinoheroes sister site. Deposited about 100 eur for fun won around 700 eur within a few hours of gambling after that they closed my account. I decided to contact the support about it and recieved an email the next day saying, Do you like gambling? Do you feel like you have control over your gambling? Are you annoyed when you gamble? Do you play for more than you should? etc etc I never recieved an email about it before on other sites (Pinnacle, but since Pinnacle closes down the swedish market I decided to try other sites). I answered honestly and truthfully, saying I dont care if I win or lose cause I mostly sit around my computer all day playing online games (LoL, Runescape etc) - And that its my job and I make around 15-50k EUR a month depending on the month - Working for a billionaire from Jordan. I also mentioned that I dont know shit about sports and I just guess, I basically go to livebets and place random bets and that it calms me down while I wait for shit to happen ingame - As for my economy handling it, Ive lost about half a million in the last 3 years - and im still not homeless. Besides I only deposited 100 eur which most people can afford - Dont see the issue here. However, My answers didnt sit very well with them and they sent me back my deposit and took the winnings. I recieved an email saying this is the final decision and they had the right to take the winnings from anyone not playing "responsibly". Well, obviously I would not recieve anything back if I lost else I'd be half a million richer at this point. I asked them in livechat how Im supposed to win "responsibly" and they replied they wouldnt answer any questions but would forward my concerns to the appropriate people. Regardless I decided to write to Zyvera since I saw you guys were affiliated with them and I watch the stream to calm down while I play. I paid Zyvera 50 eur to contact your contact person at the site - and also confirmed who I was so he didnt think I was bullshitting. Whatever long story short. The guy couldnt do much and I also recieved an email saying - We have the right to close any account and take their winnings if we think the person is addicted. Any other questions will not be answered and dont contact us again. Its just the tone that triggers me. I dont give a slightest fuck about the money, I promised Zyvera half of it and the guy in the livechat half. I just dont see how they can decide im addicted when its my first time betting there and im betting lower stakes and my economy can handle it. I spent 3-8k eur/per night on hotel rooms and im still not homeless - Offered to show them my bank/crypto/e-wallet accounts but that didnt go very well either. Nonetheless, Just wanted to warn people about it, my good deed for the year ending - And 100 eur for someone that can give me an answer that makes sense to this - I complete understands closing my account but they should honour my bets. Limits, account closures happen - but this has not ever happened before edit: no bonus taken, i never take bonuses, besides theres no bonus offers on that site.
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    Pragmatic Play 500€ Competition!

    twitch: petezahut1234