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    How slots actually work

    Just wanted to add something, not sure if that will be anything new. Many popular slots, from well established software developers are controlled by RNG-random number generator. Many people keep asking the same question if casino slots are scam. The answer to this question is not that simple. RNG is not about having an edge of the house over the player or vice versa. When developers release new games and wanted to partner with any online casino, they need to get a license and be approved by third party software testers to make sure they games are fair and random. When games are supplied to any online casino, casino doesn`t have an actual access to the source code which means online casino itself can not alter the code and RNG. This gives us an answer that many popular slots and casino games offered by top online casinos are not scam. Another side of the coin is that, you might end up at the online casino operating without a valid license that offers slots and other casino games from shady casino games developers that never been tested or checked. This might give us a warning and something to think about that there is a possibility that some alteration with the source code might be happening since there is no party involved to check fairness of the games. I think its a good idea, if you want to play slots or other casino games find well established casinos that run their games on such giants as NetEnt, Microgmaing, PlaynGo etc., These are the kings of the industry and they won`t mess around with their reputation. Thanks.