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    GIVEAWAY - 2 Stag watches!

    https://www.stagwatches.se/produkt/swgold01se/ Twitch: N13csgo
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    Slot Planet scamaz

    I checked my account history and got the screenshot there that the bonus was released before I bought the white rabbit bonus! Good call jollman77. Now I have even more evidence, but the live chat wont answer anything. They just tell me to wait for 21 days
  3. zambu

    Slot Planet scamaz

    Hey! I took the welcome bonus for Slot Planet from here and I managed to get up 1200€ after the wagering was completed. I then proceeded to buy couple white rabbit bonuses since it was already real cash balance. After that I withdrawed 1000€. I waited 4 days for the withdrawal only to today receive an email that I had broke a rule, betting over 5€ while bonus is active, which is completely incorrect. I NEVER bet over 5€. Only thing over 5€ was the white rabbit bonus which was NOT bought while the bonus is active so it doesn't add up to the rule at all. I contacted the live support and they started ignoring my questions and just spammed me to wait for 21 days that the case is being checked out. This all sounds like a big ass scam to me. Here is the message I received in my email: "Your account has been found to be in breach of clause 7 (vi) of our Promotional Terms and Conditions: 7 (vi) The maximum bet allowed while the Welcome Bonus is in play is €5. Should You bet higher than this while the Welcome bonus is in play, the Casino reserves the right to confiscate all winnings. Therefore, your withdrawal has been cancelled, your winnings have been confiscated and your deposit of €40 has been returned to your gaming account." What on earth should I do? Do I really need to wait a month for this and what if they never contact me at all? Added a picture showing that the bonus was released before the white rabbit buy.