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  1. Taboovector

    My biggest yet

    thats just wow , congratz
  2. Taboovector

    Donuts Just Went Crazy 900x Base Game

    yea i got that on lowest bet possible just had on auto for the last 1 euro bonus never came but more spending money that day good job
  3. Taboovector

    Donut 93x multi horrible outcome ^^

    i know how that feels but danm 93x and not a single hit thats really sad
  4. Taboovector

    Forgot I had bonus active bought bonus need help.

    The problem is solved thanks all for help
  5. Taboovector

    Forgot I had bonus active bought bonus need help.

    Hi it's something I have try telling live chat but unfortunately live chat is never live it seems and they never answer on mail either, hopefully they do before the bonus disapear along with everything I won... but thank you for the suggestion
  6. Taboovector

    Forgot I had bonus active bought bonus need help.

    Yea I done that cut cannot enter the page it by at restart the game all the time so I'm stuck without hope to reach support in any other way then email. I just hope they don't remove my winnings but thanks for answering.
  7. Not sure we're to place this topic So I am relatively new in gambling with a bonus but in 1 instant I forgot I had a bonus bought the bonus on extra chili right after I remembered the bonus back out of game before the bonus started, but it keep trying to put me back in the game, so I just closed the page completely, does a mail explaining my mistake /error to support help? The casino im using is queenvegas Thought I ask here since well i hope u know answer to my fails
  8. Taboovector

    Bonanza fcks me aaaalways

    from one bonanaza bird to another ive played it alot too but the bonuses rarly comes 2 me even after 300\ turns and if it comes it dont pay for the turns even, my well suggestion is to take a break from bonanza try something else or just play bonanza but with play(pretend) money. taboovector :)