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  1. Was actually Kinda disappointed in this bonus. Only got full screen once and alot of 4 symbols.
  2. Start : 6500 + welcome bonus (can't remember what it was) End : 27000 Heard about this slot while watching the stream today and I decided to give it a try on metalcasino. Unfortunatly i accidently used the welcome bonus so I only managed to pull out 27000 sek instead of 35000 sek after wagering 😂 Love playing these merkur games. It was so crazy hot I almost didn't want to stop playing
  3. hit a 333x today peking paying as usual ❤️
  4. Stop spinned the bonus and hit 15k in 1 spin ? think i got some serious luck going with peking luck at the moment
  5. Tried out metalcasino for about 5 minutes until i hit this Forgot to print screen the end(but it ended at about 24800 SEK.) 2nd time i get 4 horses on this slot now ?
  6. i think im eligible to enter the contest yeah? idk how many X it is tho ?
  7. Biggest win i've ever had. sickest shit that ever happend to me. do i win the contest with this aswell? OMEGALUL
  8. Just got a nice little hit on knights life, just thought i'd share
  9. not my biggest win in term of X but it is the highest win i've had so far.