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  1. So yesterday i decided it was time to play some again after my last 7.7k x jammin win last month. i got my first 1000x on casumo and today i tried my luck again and got another 1000x on videoslots with the same setup (5 out of 6 pharaohs). Not gonna say it has all been wins so far but holy shit what a hotstreak i've had this past month.
  2. Finally after YEARS of ripping it finally paid back some. The bet was 20 sek / 2 euro per spin and it paid 13 997,07 euros I was probably gambling for money i should have saved in a buffert now that its a pandemic and all so don't be a degenerate like me and now legit banning myself for a year. Cheers guys and stay safe 😃
  3. NDE

    Jammin basehit

    unfortunatly i just ripped the deposit so. only had 170k to go 😅
  4. NDE

    Jammin basehit

    Just hit a nice strawberry hit 😀 finally figured out to see my wager. just 221k SEK left 😅
  5. NDE

    Bag bonus

    did a 5k sek deposit with the welcome bonus of 100%. just as i thought i had ripped it all i hit 7x multiplier in the bag bonus. and now the grind continues. (though i have no idea how to check how much i've wagered. 😂😂)
  6. After my 2 earlier wins i cashed out 6k euro from the last casino and went to videslots for some good old fashioned merkurs. 40 spins in i get this 😂 Been an amazing gamblin night an happily cashed out another 1500 euro .
  7. Went quite degen after a big win. got 3 or 4 retriggers on 16 spins. to be honest i thought it'd be a bigger win 😂
  8. Haven't been gambling for a while and i was just messing around with some quickspins and i hit this beauty 😁
  9. absolutly insane bonus! U got some insane luck mate 😲 😁
  10. Was actually Kinda disappointed in this bonus. Only got full screen once and alot of 4 symbols.
  11. Start : 6500 + welcome bonus (can't remember what it was) End : 27000 Heard about this slot while watching the stream today and I decided to give it a try on metalcasino. Unfortunatly i accidently used the welcome bonus so I only managed to pull out 27000 sek instead of 35000 sek after wagering 😂 Love playing these merkur games. It was so crazy hot I almost didn't want to stop playing
  12. Stop spinned the bonus and hit 15k in 1 spin ? think i got some serious luck going with peking luck at the moment
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