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  1. rext7

    my biggest x win

    wow law, you finally had some luck? gz bro
  2. rext7

    Withdrawal from Sloty

    Nordog have best solution possible for this in the future, "Most" casinos will still accept ur withdraw if you contact the support right away, misstakes can happen, but the terms of a welcomebonus can be very strict and its important to make sure to not break any terms, atleast you get your initial deposit back
  3. rext7

    Hello from holland

    Amazing to hear long time viewer, welcome to the forum buddy!
  4. rext7

    75544x on DoA2

    Insane win but please lock urself, this is shit tons of cash to spend on better things, congratulations ❤️
  5. rext7

    Insane primal megaways

    Crazy win, just the potential of this game! gratz on the bigwin!
  6. rext7

    tiki 4000x

    Sick one, congratz!
  7. rext7 , lessagoooo
  8. rext7

    3500x DoA 2

    Thats some sick win! GZ!!
  9. rext7

    2500x on Bod

    ouch, well still a great hit
  10. rext7

    Guessing Competition 20/4

    9420€ rext7
  11. rext7

    RIP didnt belive me

    Sick win