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  1. yeah very very good yep and this getting better, got my payment at the same day when requesting, I AM VERY LUCKY ON THIS CASINO BTW I got 3000x cazino zepelin, 1000x kong megaway, 750x on BoD, 1000x on book n pearl, an many more 100x to 500x lol that happen only in a week
  2. FINALLY I GOT PAID. THANKS TO VULKAN VEGAS, sorry for a doubt. Hope this will continue for my next withdraw.
  3. I hope so. That good for you but not yet for me. Yes i know, all my request already in progress then rejected. The reason is weird because a fraction number n technical issue. But i could made deposit easily with that value without any problem with my local bank transfer. Their support look nice have a fast respons, so that make me have a little hope. Maybe they have problem on 3rd party which make transfer to my local bank. Do you have a newest withdraw on this month @hamil1612 ?
  4. It seem like that.. why we have to write specific amount to make withdraw.. that weird. I hope so @jessicadaniels, thank you They said a technical issue. And tell me to make withdraw again. LOL
  5. They english look good.. at the email and online chat. Have you make withdraw there ? @CasinoBoyz88
  6. i make deposit $100 in total there... i win and up my balance to $1900, so i request a withdraw only $50 and $100.. but all my WD has been rejected, so i ask the support, they said my WD rejected because the fraction number (so weird) i keep contact with them by email and the they give exact number so it will be no fraction number. i do like they said and what my WD keep rejected until to day I dont know why casinodaddy promote such scam casino, and make corporation to make give away with them so they can get more member to scam. FYI: all payment method they use to WD will create the fraction number on it (they use weird exchange rate to scam people i think)
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    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 26/11

    Guess: 9866 Twitch/Youtube: uyuh81
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    GIVEAWAY - 2 Stag watches!

    https://www.stagwatches.se/produkt/swblack01se/ Twitch : uyuh81