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  1. rbnhsn

    V64 trotting, big win.

    Don't know if I can post it here, but just wanted to share this with some other gambling mates Won this on trotting, called V64.
  2. rbnhsn

    466x on Flame Busters

    Good hit on the Flame Busters bonus. Had like 20€ balance left and got this bonus, feels great!
  3. 18500 Euro - rbnhsn on twitch
  4. €9332 rbnhsn on twitch! Good luck
  5. 16328€ rbnhsn on twitch
  6. rbnhsn on twitch and my guess is 10012€
  7. Sounds like fun, will try to be there and beat ya all
  8. rbnhsn


    I'm guessing it will be close to 3300€.