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  1. FredrikJensen

    Clean 1000x spin, almost...

    Total win was 1045x....... Finally! Love you all! 💘
  2. B4 last spin: 1st picture, good setup... Unluko on last spin: 2nd picture But, first time win on this one... Anyway, i trust Rip.. Kappa
  3. FredrikJensen


    FredrikJensen Good luck and much love. Really appreciate that you will give money to charity!! 😍
  4. FredrikJensen

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 23/04

    4268 euro Good luck
  5. FredrikJensen

    Guessing Competition 22/4

    4752 euro GL
  6. FredrikJensen

    Guessing Competition 20/4

    4982 euro It is me 😍
  7. FredrikJensen

    roshtein fake??

    Hello, i am on vacation! That must be more interesting, right?? 😎😎 Just an FYI....
  8. FredrikJensen

    CasinoDaddy Exclusive Chair GIVEAWAY

    FredrikJensen ♿♿♿♿♿
  9. FredrikJensen

    2267x on Vikings Unleashed

    Yes dear, i did.... Thanks for comment.. 😍
  10. FredrikJensen

    Base game 631x

    2nd time playing it. First time got me 6 scatters and 190x. Now i hit 631x in base..... 🤑
  11. FredrikJensen

    Guessing Competition 13/03

    4687 euro Good Luck and much love!!! 💘
  12. FredrikJensen

    2267x on Vikings Unleashed

    YO YO YO!!! Fcking awesome!!! 🙊🙉🙈
  13. FredrikJensen

    Storm = 450x

    Storm CAN pay.... 🙈🙉🙊