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  1. MrFroxx

    Hong Kong Tower gone MAD 879x

    Got to 3rd wheel without having any extra lives!
  2. MrFroxx

    THE WORST POSSIBLE 1340x Book of Dead

    Oh no ARE U SERIOUS! I always hope when i"m gettin balance to 0 im NOT getting the freespins
  3. MrFroxx

    Book of Dead 778x

    I tried depositing €20 raw on Unibet with 50 ct bets, then this happened on the last spin o.o
  4. MrFroxx

    Book of Ra 6 Deluxe

    This was my biggest one so far, cashwise. I normally play 1€ or 2€ stake. Ended up being 400x. Ever since that win I did not manage to win big again on that slot!