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  1. Guess: 17017 Twitch/Youtube: LukenzoGi
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    twitch: LukenzoGi
  3. 4200 eu. Twitch LukenzoGi
  4. LukenzoGi

    Best Casinos

    I like videoslots mostly, skrill/bank withdraws in just a minutes, and i think they have most providers of all casinos. My biggest win, was before few days, on videoslots, Dead or Alive, 5 scatters 0,72bet paid me 1800.
  5. LukenzoGi

    First ever HUGE win DoA

    it's windows 7 with 98 things for performance
  6. LukenzoGi

    First ever HUGE win DoA

    Thats my first ever huge win, and first ever cashout from slots, thats insane win for me.