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  1. Guess: 13888 Twitch/Youtube: itsyourboy____
  2. itsyourboy

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 7/11

    Guess: 14725 Twitch/Youtube: itsyourboy____
  3. itsyourboy

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 6/11

    Guess: 23876 Twitch/Youtube: itsyourboy____
  4. itsyourboy

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 2/11

    Guess: 6875 Twitch/Youtube: itsyourboy____
  5. itsyourboy

    1349x on Crystal Ball 🔮🧔🏰

    Hey guys, had a nice bonus on Crystal Ball with an into-the-sane first spin! 😁 A combination of full line old masse, retrigger and full screen bonus symbol jacks! In my opinion a real piece of art, check it out...
  6. @paladinsoveroverwatch I always play min bets and started with 120€ today! It only took about an hour to rip down to 10€ so I fired up the dog house! I was insane lucky that I actually made profit in the end
  7. Hey guys, I had a really bad ripping session today so I decided to go into the dog house to challenge my luck one last time! After a short time I got 16 bonus free spins with a sick multiplier set up. The bonus included some full lines of rottweiler, which alone already payed 675x! Here it is...
  8. twitch: itsyourboy____
  9. Hey guys, just had an incredible win on Savanna Moon with an unbelievable number of 12 retriggers! Here it is...
  10. itsyourboy

    1625x on Madame Destiny ​🔮​

    Hey guys, seems like this old lady predicted me a lot of wealth! 🤣
  11. itsyourboy

    1546x on Book Of Dead 🦅

    Hey guys, after a nice breakfast this Friday morning I decided to play some Book Of Dead. Immediately I found out that this was a good choice to start my weekend! I was lucky enough to get two fullscreens of the scamaz bird in one bonus. 😁 ...I hope you all have a nice weekend!
  12. itsyourboy

    2040x on Dragon's Fire

    Hey guys, today I got up to a 50x multiplier in Dragon's Fire. I was lucky enough to pick 50 free spins. Look at that beauty...