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    1546x on Book Of Dead 🦅

    Hey guys, after a nice breakfast this Friday morning I decided to play some Book Of Dead. Immediately I found out that this was a good choice to start my weekend! I was lucky enough to get two fullscreens of the scamaz bird in one bonus. 😁 ...I hope you all have a nice weekend!
  2. 1654€ itsyourboy____ lessagooo!!!
  3. itsyourboy

    2040x on Dragon's Fire

    Hey guys, today I got up to a 50x multiplier in Dragon's Fire. I was lucky enough to pick 50 free spins. Look at that beauty...
  4. I got so lucky today... I won 1100X on BoD with 4 explorer! Then 2 hours later I tried JJ for the first time... and won 1200X with a 20x multiplier because this huge strawberry dropped and connected all of the other strawberries that were on screen plus the jars! Still unbelievable!