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    Had an amazing cashout here today Thanks!
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    roshtein fake??

    Hey, I have information that he is offered a part of the casino if he streams from n1casino concern. The wagering requirement is rediciouls and that people actually buy in to that it's real money.. deposited with neteller... How stupid can people be. He has made a lot of money by scamming not only viewers but multilotto. The word in the industry now is that no one wants to work or make deals with him because he never deposits real money and only demands fake money. A lot of streamers have set ups with casinos and makes deals which makes it possible for them to play longer, which is understandble. But he plays with money which he gets a little procentage of, but all the big winnings are not his to keep. Which in my opinion is just unfair to all the other streamers that actually deposit and play. If anyone has any other information. Please feel free to share!