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  1. Are Online casinos real? How many people have actually won something using one and got it deposited into their checking account? Which one is best to win money on (loosest slots). Regards, OneGold88
  2. Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it’s here, it’s HERE! Pragmatic Play™’s latest release, the long-expected Madame Destiny Megaways™ is just hours away from reaching Social Tournaments under the form of 3 extra tournaments today and tomorrow, as you are well accustomed to. 😍 Oh but where are my manners? Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you’ve been having a blast lately, both on and off Social Tournaments and within your (responsible!) gambling adventures 😊 The introduction above pretty much covers it all, don’t forget that you can see the exact schedule of the tournaments on Social Tournaments from the “Schedule” page. 🤑 We’re closing even further on Season 6 with just over 2 weeks left, but don’t let that trick you into ditching Season 5 already, as there are a total of 3 more releases which we will see within the next 2 weeks, those being: Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire™ ; Eye of the Storm™ and The Hand of Midas™. 🎰 If you ask me, the potential of all those mentioned games is huge and I believe that there will be something for everyone to enjoy, but you didn’t ask me so I’ll just let you discover and decide that on your own 😆 I would also like to give a heartily welcome to our 4 new Discord moderators which volunteered in taking those roles in order to keep in touch with and manage our community as much and as tailored as possible. We believe in efficiency and workforce, but when it comes to supporting our players, we highly believe that taking the time in order to understand and help each person in a qualitative manner is more important than quantity and “just getting the job done”. Of course, the more our community grows, the harder it is to give everyone individual time so we always have our eyes peeled for when a bump is needed from our side and we really believe in the idea and concept that we will always find ways to make this work in our communities favour. Once again, thank you gentlemen! @HardcopyDK @Shaque @drownie and @Pentit0 for making Social Tournaments and it’s community as friendly and as social as it is. 👨‍✈️ Lastly, I would also like to thank every single one of the participants that sent us their forms and intentions of occupying a Moderator role. And please do not be bummed if you were not picked this time, I foresee that it won’t be that long until we will need more heroes on the boat 😊 and your forms will absolutely be kept in mind for the future, along with, of course, considering any new forms which might pop up. 📑 I’m leaving you all with a heartily “Good luck!” and I thank you for your time. May you have a blessed week! ☮️ With love, Wolf
  3. Howdy everyone! I hope you've been having a blessed January so far Your one and only Wolf here, dropping by to see how you're doing and also bring you some Social Tournaments-related news and updates. 😁 I hope you had a blast in the Emerald King Rainbow Road™-dedicated extra tournaments and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from you ladies and gents. It won't be long now until Congo Cash™ is released as well and you can try it out for free and also win some real money prizes in our free tournaments starting with the 21st of January and onwards. On the 21st and 22nd, we will also host 3 extra tournaments with a total prizepool of 600 euros , as we do for every new released game. Be sure to check our Schedule page in order to see when the next tournaments are taking place. 🤑 The countdown for Season 6 has already begun and you're all invited to use your obtained Golden Tickets in the last monthly tournament of this season: The ongoing Big Bass Bonanza™ which has a total prizepool of 6,000 euros. That's 6,000 reasons to join and take your chances at the big pie! 💰 I think you want me to cut to the chase and let you know what surprises await through-out Season 6, don't you? Well, that would ruin the surprise, haha, so I will keep it short and let you know that Season 6 will meet a MASSIVE overhaul of how Social Tournament looks, feels and also "moves". We aim at targeting Season 6 towards user experience and this is one of the key-seasons where your feedback and suggestions will be put in play. 🛠️ We strive to make Social Tournaments a more eye-candy website which will present more information without being too tiring for the eye. We also have optimization fully in mind and we aim at ensuring that the speed and functionality of the website will improve, resulting in less visual issues and faster overall loading and playing stability. Don't worry though, Social Tournaments will not be beyond recognition as we intend to slowly and steadily release the updates through-out the first half of the new season along with new exciting ways to use your Social Tournaments coins currency I will leave you with this beautiful cliffhanger for now and will bring more news through-out the last month of this season. I wish you the very best of luck and health my friends! 🕊️ With love, Wolf.
  4. Hello everyone and Happy New Year to the ones that have celebrated it already May this year keep you healthy, happy and on the good side of fortune! 😍 Pragmatic Play™'s first release in 2021 is the spooky Voodoo Magic™. This high volatility game has 4 rows and 5 reels with exciting gameplay (also supporting the Bonus Buy game-type) and really nicely designed symbols and graphics. As you're well accustomed to, you can try out the game free of charge on Social Tournaments (and also win some cash prizes while doing it), where we're hosting 3 extra free tournaments honouring this release. As always, we're looking forward for your feedback and opinions about this slot release. 🤑 You can find more information of when the tournaments will take place in our "Schedule" page. Hurry, the first tournament is already live and waiting for you! Until next time friends! 🍻 Yours truly, Wolf.
  5. Ahoy, Mateys! How are you on this beautiful Thursday? I'm dropping by to inform you of Pragmatic Play™'s latest release on Social Tournaments: Pirate Gold Deluxe™ which will be featured as 3 extra tournaments as you are accustomed to. Check out the Schedule page in order to learn when they will be running today. 🤑 This awesomely polished slot title pretty much speaks for itself when it comes to the features, sounds, graphics and immersion and I sincerely hope you will enjoy it as much as I did, given my love for pirates ever since I was young (thank you and bless you Johnny Depp 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️ ) The upcoming week will be scattered with surprises, features, more releases and content on Social Tournaments, with the release of Season 5 on Monday, 16th of November. Keep in mind that the Social Tournaments website will undergo maintenance at 00:00 UTC, 16th of November and we expect it to last a few good 5-6 hours. 👨‍🔧 Some of the main features which will be released are the much requested Wheel of Fortune and our own Store (with soft currency) on Social Tournaments. Through-out the season, we also plan to make tweaks and bring more flavour to the Mission system, the Monthly Tournaments and the Season Pass IMPORTANT: As we want the Season 4 rewards from tournaments to be generated and given to winners within the Season 4, some tournaments were slightly adjusted in order to end before the maintenance starts, therefore, the Monthly and the Weekly Finals taking place on Sunday (15th of November) will end at 23:00:00 UTC and the last Golden Ticket tournament running from that day is going to start and end 2 hours earlier (18:00 to 22:00 UTC). As always, the Schedule page and the timers on the tournaments are your best friend when it comes to orientation 🗓️ I would like to thank everyone on behalf of our team for the amazing support, feedback and implication that so many of you shown in this season, allowing us to keep the project in the direction that the large community wants to see it go. Through-out Season 4, we gave away over 120.000 euros in cash prizes through regular tournaments, special tournaments and events and we're confident we can even top that in the upcoming Season 5. 🤗 I wish you all the best and I'm eager to welcome you in Season 5 on the 16th of November! Yours truly, Wolf ❤️
  6. Hello everyone! I hope you are doing amazing and you had fun in this spooky October 😵 We're a few hours into the ongoing extra tournaments on Social Tournaments, dedicated to Pragmatic Play's latest release, Dragon Tiger. You can find the schedule of the tournaments in the dedicated "Schedule" page on Social Tournaments and they are taking place at the same UTC times that you are accustomed too. 📆 Dragon Tiger video slot is a highly volatile slot with an insane max win of 18,125x and an amazing Free Spins Bonus. The slot brings us another great Asian themed game to have fun in and rack up some great wins. I'm waiting for your helpful feedback about the new release and I hope you will enjoy this title and its content as much as I did after giving it a try 😍 The countdown for Season 5 has already started in our hearts (and tasks, haha) and I'm eager to greet everyone with new optimization, features, content and new ways of obtaining more cash prizes on Social Tournaments.🤑 Lastly, I hope you had fun in the Halloweek event which we organised, we have already started preparations for the Christmas vibes that are in the air and we're excited to see how that will turn out. I think I can actually hear the carollers practicing if I focus long enough 🎄 I wish you all a beautiful week ahead! Your friend, Wolf. 🕊️
  7. Good morning ladies and gents! How are you doing? Hoping you're having fun so far in our Halloweek on Social Tournaments 👻 As you may be aware, Gems Bonanza, Pragmatic Play's latest release, is going to be available on Social Tournaments starting with 10:00 UTC in the traditional form of 3 extra tournaments that you can play today and tomorrow, taking a shot at the shiny cash prizes that it brings for our players. 🤑 This precious slot offers 5 Spin Features and will also be available to play in the Bonus Buy game types on Social Tournaments. Check out the Schedule section in order to learn when the tournaments will be running and make sure not to miss them. 📅 This release also comes with a twist when it comes to the Item Prizes (lootboxes) rewarded in those extra tournaments. All 3 of them will have limited Halloween Lootboxes available to grab and open in order to get some very limited and cool Halloween avatars. Regarding the Halloweek events, the fun continues on Social Tournaments and more tournaments (and retry tickets) are going to find their way to you during this week. In order to maximize your chances of obtaining a winning spot and some awesome avatars and prizes, you can keep an eye on our Social Media pages as well. 📱 Lastly, I would like to remind everyone of the upcoming Season 5 which will be a HUGE bundle of features for ST. With about 2 weeks left until the launch, we're relying on your feedback, as always, in order to optimize your overall experience and add more flavour to it. Kindest regards, Wolf ☮️
  8. Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great time preparing for Halloween while remaining responsible and safe, according to your local laws implemented against the Corona virus spreading. 😷 At this very moment, we're in the first hour of Pragmatic Play's and Reel Kingdom's latest release, Return of the Dead, celebrated via 3 extra tournaments on Social Tournaments as you are accustomed to This exciting and spooky release slot is also suitable for the Multiplier Win mode, additionally to the Total Win game type that you are familiar with and both game types will be available on Social Tournaments. The tournaments will have a total prizepool of 600 euros and running as: 🤑 Today at 10:00:00 UTC and 18:00:00 UTC Tomorrow at 02:00 UTC Lastly, with Halloween just around the corner, we're preparing some surprises for next week, stay tuned and keep an eye out on Social Tournaments in order to spot the event once it is launched. Tip: Collectors of limited avatars and lootboxes might want to login daily during the Halloween event week 👻 I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead, stay healthy and stay loved! ❤️ Warm regards, Wolf
  9. Good day to you ladies and gents! What have you been up to lately? Personally I got so inspired by Leo P. that I purchased a saxophone and now my neighbours love me like they never did. Oh well... how about you? 🤣 Going back to our sheep, it is less than one hour until Pragmatic Play™'s latest slot, 5 Lions Dance will be available to play on Social Tournaments. I've seen many things in my life but dancing lions managed to avoid me so far, who will be able to tame them (or join them in dancing and teach them some neat moves 😎) in our 5 Lions Dance extra tournaments today and tomorrow? The extra tournaments hold a total prizepool of 600 euros and will start today 10:00:00 UTC, at 18:00:00 UTC and tomorrow at 02:00 UTC. I'm eager to learn your feedback as always, in order for us to learn your thoughts about this slot title and about where room for improvement exists. 🧐 I'd also like to remind everyone that this is the last month of Season 4 for Social Tournaments and Season 5 will start on the 15th of November. Don't forget to use all your Golden Tickets if you haven't obtained the desired score in the Monthly Tournament yet, as the tickets will not have a purpose in Season 5 and different monthly tickets will exist then. As always, thank you for time and wishing you the best of luck both within Social Tournaments and outside it. 😛 Stay awesome, Wolf.
  10. Hello friends, I hope your week was amazing so far! Dropping by to inform everyone about Pragmatic Play™ and Reel Kingdom's newest video slot; Emerald King™. Featured on Social Tournaments, this highly volatile slot has the potential to take you to cashtown if you have the luck of the irish on your side As you are accustomed to, we're having 3 extra tournaments dedicated to this release, with a total prizepool of 600 euros and a schedule which can be seen in our Tournaments -> Schedule section of Social Tournaments. ⌚ You can read more and even play the demo before the tournaments start by visiting the Slot Reviews and the News sections of Social Tournaments. I'm eager to learn your feedback and opinions if this game would be suitable for the Mission type as well. 🗞️ 📚 Lastly, we will also be hosting another Newbie Tournament running 24 hours on Saturday (00:00 UTC 10th of Oct. to 00:00 UTC 11th of OCT) where referrers and referred players will be able to use their Newbie Tickets and take a bite of the prize pool. 👼 Thank you for reading and for being part of our beloved community, as always, I wish you the best in this troublesome period of time and I hope that you and your loved ones take all the necessary safety precautions in order to remain healthy and have a strong mindset and high morale. 😷 💖 With love, Wolf.
  11. Hello friends, I hope you're not as shocked as me to realize that today is October! This year flew so fast and boy am I hoping that it's going to leave all the trouble behind with it I'm dropping by to let you know about Pragmatic Play™ latest release, the spooky and dangerous Wild Walker™. If you ask me, this is going to be one of the most awesome releases graphic-wise and music-wise, but nobody asked me...hehe 😂 So I'm looking forward to learning YOUR feedback after you give it a try on Social Tournaments, where we will feature, as always, 3 extra tournaments dedicated to this release in which, as you are familiar with, you can win real cash prizes from a total prizepool of 600 euros. 🤑 You can check out our Schedule page to make sure that you're not missing out on playing this exciting, apocalyptic slot and kick some zombie butts while making sure to make it out of there with your pockets full of cash. Lastly, I can barely contain my excitement (but my contract of confidentiality contains it pretty well 😜) regarding some awesome features which are right around the corner. The highly requested Wheel of Fortune and *drum roll* our very own Store on Social Tournaments where you will be able to buy (with soft currency obtainable through activities, not real money) a variety of avatars, lootboxes, merch and maybe even certain tickets Stay tuned! Wishing you all a great Month ahead and looking forward to learning your feedback as always Thank you for being part of our amazing community and for helping us make Social Tournaments what it is today through your feedback, suggestions, testing and many, many other acts of support and implication ❤️ Love, Wolf 😍
  12. Howdy everyone I hope you are smiling right now, and if you are not, why not give it a go? First of all, I would like to address my concern and best wishes for the residents of USA affected by Hurricane Sally. This year has been a roller coaster for many but I hope you will not dwell on that for too long, my friends. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and I sincerely hope that your eyes will be filled with it and that the worse has passed. 🤗 In less than 1 hour, you will be able to enjoy Pragmatic Play's new release: Star Bounty, on Social Tournaments. As you are accustomed to, we will have 3 extra tournaments with a prizepool of 600 euros in total. You can check them out in our Schedule page and find more information about other tournaments as well. 🤩 Some other exciting news is that we're getting closer and closer to a new and fresh feature release, the popularly requested wheel of fortune This exciting new features targets rewarding players even more and will be used for a variety of cool and exciting content. Stay tuned for more news about this and, as always, I am eager to learn your feedback after this will be implemented. Last but not least, our good Discord moderator and friend, known as Fisher has joined our Social Tournaments family as a content writer. Join me in wishing him good luck in this challenge and nag him for any typos that you spot in his articles >:) I'm wishing you all a wonderful day and a healthy mindset in those times All the best, Wolf.
  13. Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great day and hoping we can make it even better! 😁 It's less than one hour now and everyone will be able to play Pragmatic Play's newest release, Street Racer on Social Tournaments! The 3 extra tournaments which you are already familiar with will run from 10:00 to 18:00 UTC, from 18:00 to 02:00 UTC (tomorrow) and from 02:00 to 10:00 UTC (tomorrow) on our platform. If you love the retro feeling of the good ol' days when Need for Speed™ and Fast and Furious™ were the the craze, I hope that our newest slot release will bring you the same nostalgic joy that it brought me! 😍 Wishing you all a wonderful end of the week and a relaxing weekend ahead and looking forward to hearing your feedback about Street Racer! Love and stay loved! 🕊️ Wolf
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC4mXUy9yRY My best fat rabbit ever! check it out!
  15. Hello all, Today I got the worst message a slot player can get: "Regarding Terms and Conditions , withdrawal request rejected and winnings deducted from your account." Over the last few weeks I've been depositing on Evobet and losing A LOT. They have these bonuses available where you get 75% if you deposit with Skrill, but hey, here is the catch. Apparently, in the terms and conditions, you can only use those bonuses 6 times a month, seems okay. But what if I told you they don't remove the bonuses, or even give a message stating that you you've reached the limit of bonuses. They let you use them as much as you want, i think i did like 20 deposits with that same bonus code, and finally hit big. Managed to get a 700 euro cash out, and was really happy to finish the tough wager. I love playing slots, playing on almost every (legit) casino, and always been very careful to read the T&C before I play on a new casino, and know where to look out for, but this one I've never seen in the 5 years of playing. And here is the funniest part of all of this tragedy: after they notified me about the bonus abuse, they send me another automated mail telling me that I CAN USE A BONUS UP TO 75% I mean, it doesn't get any better than thatMy hopes are not high that I will receive my money, but maybe you guys have any suggestions for me. At least I can warn you guys and tell you to stay the hell away from this horrible casino Thanks for reading and hope to hear some feedback from you guys. Regards, Fabian
  16. What better way to introduce myself than by showing you all a £4000 (2000x) win I got today on Book Of Oz. I've just started uploading regularly to my YouTube/social media (twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are @Nmbr7red But unfortunately I didn't manage to record this belter. 😔 Anyway, here you go....
  17. Had a pretty nice hit on GoldKing in the Base game feature. Small bet but yeah a pretty good hit.
  18. Hi I would like to warn any players who consider playing at FrankFred Casino. I was allowed to play at their site when I should have been denied, due to being self-excluded for gambling issues on their sister sites, who use the same license. Not only was I allowed to play, but I was also denied refund of lost deposits. I asked for an explanation and after almost a month they responded and confirmed I was self excluded from their sister sites, but had not given gambling issues as a reason for the exclusion.  This is incorrect as I know I gave gambling problems as the reason for the exclusion. We all know what would’ve happened if I won big and wanted to cash out. I will write an MGA-complaint as a last attempt to retrieve my money back.  Proof of my claims can be given upon request. Will write an update if anything changes.
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