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  1. Get ready for maximum win potential with our €1.000 tournament | Play for Free, win real money! Register and play MexoMax! MultiMAX™ for free here: https://www.yggdrasilgaming.com/slotshot.html?id=2207280822360100000 and be in for the chance to win some of our terrific prizes! Our mystical prize pool of €1.000 will be split into: 1st: 500€ 2nd: 300€ 3rd: 200€ 4th-8th: A Limited Edition Yggdrasil Cap (will be shipped to your address provided) Your mission when venturing through the Aztec jungle is to obtain the highest multiplier win during the base game or during free spins. Your journey through the mystical rainforest will take place between the 29th of July at 7pm until the 31st of July 7pm, so prepare to uncover some Aztec secrets and win some cool prizes! Note: The leaderboard will be visible until 9 pm, but the last spin HAS to take place before 7 pm on Sunday for it to count - this means: IF you should have a spin/bonus round ending AFTER 7 pm Sunday the win will NOT count! Rules: Every player starts with €10.000 demo money balance, and the only thing that counts is the biggest x multiplier win (regardless of bet size), so we strongly advice you to play on the lowest bet of €0.20 to have the most possible spins! (You cannot reset your balance). Note: You CAN buy bonuses during this competition, however the bet size will change from your base bet to the cost of the bonus as the bet size! Example: If you bet €1 and buy a bonus for €100 the game will register the bet size as €100 - meaning if you win €500 in the bonus, it will NOT be a 500x multiplier but a 5x multiplier win - so we advice you to NOT buy bonuses if you want a big x win. Note: If you activate the golden bet, the x win will be calculated based on the bet WITH golden bet included, and NOT without. Example: If you are betting €2 and enable the golden bet your bet will increase to €2.50 and any win spin / bonus will be calculated based on the €2.50 bet. T&C➪ You must be 18+ to participate➪ We ( CasinoDaddy ) reserve the right to change the duration of the giveaway or the terms at our discretion if needed. ( We can also terminate the competition if problems should arise ).➪ Winners must contact Qajjan before the end of 07/08/2022 on twitch or here on Forum to claim the prize.
  2. My biggest multi ever! 7th buy on that game. 80$ bonus buy... 😯 3204.80x hit in one spin! 👇 Link is down 👇 CHECK REPLAY VIDEO HERE Enjoy!
  3. u must try ebro , hope u get it too. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/GHGRXmEai1
  4. https://replay.hacksawgaming.com/?roundid=185499905&partner=431
  5. Sorry for bad quality. 0,20$ stake btw
  7. Not a very huge win for the bet size but hilarious that i pushed 25$/spin on accident and landed a bonus for a nice little balante saver!! Thanks casino daddy for all the entertainment and community 20200521_185631.mp4
  8. Hey guys, I just heard about that fact that Ebro just had a duo with the twitch streamer called Lirik. I’ve been subscribed to Lirik for many years, and I really want to see the clip of that game. If anyone got a link or something, I’d appreciate if you could help me out. Have a great day guys. Gymcl4ssher0w
  9. Ante playing ten slots on a Sunday, time to put him on my 65 inch tv instead of mobile or tablet. I'm guessing Masse head would explode if he was trying this 😂😂😂😂
  10. New Software testing @Casinodaddy Ante.mp4 My Video.mp4
  11. Hello guys :) i have a lot , a lot of points from you, i am watching you believe me for a long long time :P loyal subscriber :) the problem is that i change my nickname in twitch and i want please to transfer me my points because i want to buy products from the shop!! you can do that right? i mean thats how it supposed to be. Thank you :) I just dont want to write my past nickname now because you never know !! If any brother of casino daddy or helping assistant of you can reply me and tell me where to send the proof of my streamelements , Thank you! :)
  12. All truth apparently from his office in Malta. Ogge_Speech.ogg
  13. Thanks for the t-shirt, only took like 2 weeks
  14. I did it ❤️❤️❤️!
  15. Let's see guys how we can help casinodaddy stream with some constructive ideas and plans. I have several things on my mind that might be suggested to casinos to go around the new law. Moving to another country is obviously out of the question. So, here are some of my ideas: Casinodaddy is a registered company, right? You can always use it to make arrangements with casinos and charge them with advertising fee. Use some kind of point loyalty system. Deposit more than 10,000Euro, get points enough to buy 2-3k casino cash in their store. A system could be made so that, instead of depositing direct cash, you buy credits, and then convert them to more cash than you bought it for. Example. buy credits for 1000 euro, and with those credits buy playable cash worth 2000 euro. That system could be available for "VIP streamers" only, so other players couldn't abuse it. Also, while you are figuring it our, you could also perhaps hire someone outside sweden to stream for casinodaddy with bonuses. You do a few hours a day, and he takes the evening stream. Could be worth a try, at least until you figure things out. The soulution can and must be found. I'd be happy to deal with that problem and try to find the perfect solution, but unfortunatelly i'm not familiar with Swedish language, and it's kinda hard to read all the articles in the New Gambling Law with precision. Some of this might sound dumb, some not, but I hope the rest of the guys on the forum also pitch some of their ideas. ☺️
  16. So FedEx delivered this awesome bag 10 minutes ago. The quality of this bag is amazing, from the texture to the zippers. Some quality stuff! 50 Liters aswell, fitted 4 winter jackets to fill it for the picture. Amazing as always, much love. ❤️
  17. Hey. It's friday evening, I just arrived home from a hard working week and I saw a nice little package in my room. Thank you guys so much for the giveaway and hours of entertainment everyday when I get home from work. Much love ❤️ and greetings from Bavaria - Germany David Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!!
  18. Just got this fullscreen on Lost relics. Looks hella good.
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