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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Yesterday I was playing on Mr. Green and played some reel race (tournaments where the ones who gets best x pays back gets rewards) and eventually I'd end up winning free spins to a slot, which did not exist. Whenever i pressed on the link for my free spins it said "sorry, this game could not be found". It didn't really bother me, as I hoped to get those free spins on another game (which I did), however, I still went in to check the leaderboards on the game for the, which wasn't on the site, and that made me quite confused. Yes, 5 people could be seen on the leaderboard competing, on a game which was not available on the site - even the support themselves said so. I was wondering, how 5 people were playing a game, which was not available? I even asked the support how come people were playing on a slot, which was not available, and they just said that "yea that sounds weird, we will look into it" To make sure it wasn't just me, who couldn't see the game, i asked some friends to check as well, and they could also not find it. So basically this is what i thought was the reason behind this: - Mr. Green reel thrills allows multiple countries to compete in same races (I'm not certain, but i believe that in DK, ONLY people form DK competes in those races, as there are barely any people who takes part in them compared to Casumo - not sure though), resulting in different countries having access to that game and not Denmark. - Or the reason why I made this post - bots? Perhaps they are using bots in the reel thrills to either make it look like people are more active on the site or make it harder for you to win on their races. If there are bots, then it's feels kind of bs to compete because yea, if you want to participate in a race, where you believe everyone has the same chance to win just makes the whole thing wrong, doesn't it? It kind of gives you fake expectations to make you keep playing. On the other side, I was degen af and played reaaaally late, so if I was the only one who was playing those reel thrills late night, wouldn't it also just be weird if there only was 1 guy playing in every race and just win every time? Maybe i'm bitching too much and should just appreciate Mr. Green for having reel thrills in the first place, as it's just a side reward while enjoying slots. I'm sorry if I'm misinformed or anything and will of course remove this post immidietly if i'm making false suspicion on Mr. Green due to my lack of knowledge, but if there actually are bots on reel races, how should I feel about that? It'd be nice if someone could clarify this and let me know what you think about it. Say if you need any more information as well.
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