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Found 5 results

  1. hello people, support or the like, does anyone have contact to mr.sloty who are supported here on the site? You have not made my payout, urgently need help there, this message was written with google translator, since I am also from Germany :) please help
  2. Hi, sorry for my bad language. Ill try to explain what happend to me at Amunra Casino and why everyone shouldn`t play there. I came to Amunra Casino over the Casino Daddy promotion and cashed in for the first time using the 100% Bonus. The Bonus money wasn`t add to the balance to we startet a support Ticket. The only answer we got is that the Amunra administration stop the Bonus offers. Noone will get Bonusmoney there, but they still offer the Bonuses on their side. Its the biggest Casino scam ive ever seen and CasinoDaddy should rethink their Partnership ive to add that ur cashed in money is held as Bonusmoney if u used the 100% Bonus offer and u have to wager ur own money to cash it out. so i cashed in 50€ and have to wager these 50€ 30 times or so to cash it out.. and no bonus money was added
  3. Hello friends, today i will tell you guys the truth about CasinoTest24. The secret which is supposed to keep unspoken about the streamer from CasinoTest24 which you guys know as ´´Jörg´´. I will prove it with evidence so noone can tell its a lie. So lets begin. Info: All links are available for everyone in the Internet. First of all look at this grouppicture which was made during the affiliate conference last year in London which you can find on the Instagram profile of K_Blackwood: Instagram . On this picture you can see Shirox, K_Blackwood, Hauke and the streamer of CasinoTest24 with the nice Jacket which you all know as ´´Jörg´´. Notice the face of ´´Jörg´´ because i will come afterwards on that. And now look at a Website from a Jeweler from a guy called Jörg K. : Jeweler . Also please notice the face of this Jeweler i will later on tell you guys the context about this 2 people. And now look at this picture which is on Facebook of a Sushi-Bar in Frankfurt: Facebook . On this picture you can see the Jeweler Jörg K. and the streamer from CasinoTest24 which you all know as ´´Jörg´´ eating Sushi together. But what is the relationship between this 2 people? And how come they have same name? The answer is simple but shocking! The streamer from CasinoTest24 which you all know as ´´Jörg´´ has a secret. ´´Jörg´´ is not his real name! His real name is Calvin! and the Jeweler is his father. But why does Calvin let people know him as Jörg and using the identity of his father? Why is he lying about his Identity? Also here is the answer simple but highly shocking! Because Calvin is underage!!! Calvin has right now an age of sweet 17!!! Its actually insane for how long he is bullshiting his own viewers. Thats also the reason why he is not streaming with a cam. Meanwhile his father doesnt want to be a part of this theater of his son. So Calvin is about to establish a Company in Malta and when he is 18 years old which will be in July this year he will leave Germany and gonna live forever in Malta. Thats the secret about the streamer from CasinoTest24 which he was hiding all the time but you guys need to know the truth. Most shocking part is Calvin told me that the Affiliate-Managers from some Casinos like Lapalingo do know about that and still let a underage promote their Casinos! So you can see how dirty and mendacious this business is. It could happen that after Calvin has read this forumentry he might let delete those pictures from the Internet which would also prove that im telling the truth. So i made Screenshots of those pictures. Because this scam has to end and the people need to know the truth! Please help me to make sure everyone gets to know it. All Informations which are standing here are told or shown me by Calvin! Thanks.
  4. Hello all, Today I got the worst message a slot player can get: "Regarding Terms and Conditions , withdrawal request rejected and winnings deducted from your account." Over the last few weeks I've been depositing on Evobet and losing A LOT. They have these bonuses available where you get 75% if you deposit with Skrill, but hey, here is the catch. Apparently, in the terms and conditions, you can only use those bonuses 6 times a month, seems okay. But what if I told you they don't remove the bonuses, or even give a message stating that you you've reached the limit of bonuses. They let you use them as much as you want, i think i did like 20 deposits with that same bonus code, and finally hit big. Managed to get a 700 euro cash out, and was really happy to finish the tough wager. I love playing slots, playing on almost every (legit) casino, and always been very careful to read the T&C before I play on a new casino, and know where to look out for, but this one I've never seen in the 5 years of playing. And here is the funniest part of all of this tragedy: after they notified me about the bonus abuse, they send me another automated mail telling me that I CAN USE A BONUS UP TO 75% I mean, it doesn't get any better than thatMy hopes are not high that I will receive my money, but maybe you guys have any suggestions for me. At least I can warn you guys and tell you to stay the hell away from this horrible casino Thanks for reading and hope to hear some feedback from you guys. Regards, Fabian
  5. So couple months ago I made a deposit on unique casino through your link. It was something like 50€ + bonus. I played for a while and at some point my balance was 1600€. I ended up on 400€ balance and decided to check my wager and it was 0% even though I had only played slots that count towards wagering (moon p, gonzo etc.). I have contacted the live support like 5 times and every time they say they will contact the tech support but it has been couple months and nothing has happened. I really want my money so can you help me or if you can't delete this casino from your site so no-one else gets scammed.
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