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We are happy to inform you that the GRAND meme thread is back, revived and improved, once again! - Presented and sponsored by Yggdrasil


Have a funny meme? Post it here and have a chance to win some raw cash!

NEW UPDATED RULES - Make sure to read them

The meme should have something to do with CasinoDaddy, not totally off topic. 

the 3 first prizes are for either video or picture and prize 4 is reserved for pictures only!


The MEME review will take place the last Friday each month! Next review will take place Friday 17th of June at 14:00 ( 2 PM CET )


Prizepool For June


1st: €500

2nd: €250

3rd: €150

4th: €100

+ 5 winners will be drawn at random and recieve a Cap!!


( You can only win once in the review ( per month/review ) - meaning that if you already won a prize you wont be including in the random prize raffle ) 







- Must be 18+ to enter
- One meme entry per person/IP per month

- No copyrighted music in the videos 

- The meme may NOT  include anything about bonus offers from Casinos, no promo codes etc. This includes old VOD's with casino offrers etc.  Due to the new Twitch rules we are not allowed to show anything of that kind. Memes found to contain anything of this nature will be deleted and disqualified.  

- Make sure your meme is not against Twitch Terms of Service. Use common sense and if you're not sure - Ask before you post.

- If the meme is a video, plz just make ONE meme out of it, not like 3 memes in one video

- If you submit a video, make sure it's not over  3 mins long or it might get removed. 

- Make sure to write your Twitch or Youtube name in the post so we know who you are



Winners please contact Qajjan here on forum or on Twitch.

( Winners needs to claim their prize within 7 days  )

Winners will be paid through PayPal! Youtube and Twitch, show your best. 


Past month's winners


December 17th winners: 

1st: €500 - justbeerit

2nd: €300 - wraith8r

3rd: €100 - mickeywaffle90

4th: €100 - FANOFMASSE

Yggdrasil chair - Frognipple 


February 4th winners: 

1st: €750 - Pastela

2nd: €500 - JustWolfit

3rd: €300 - imfromheaven

4th: €150 - Mickeywaffle90

5th: €100 - luebcke


€50 - MarcusWalS

€50 - ProtesGoran 

€50 - zorkzcs 

€50 - nieemi


March 4th winners: 

1st: €500 - Pastela

2nd: €250 - Whitewolf3355

3rd: €150 - Zalaone

4th: €100 - amanda b  


Hoodie: zorkzcs

Hoodie: BarmenMo535

Hoodie: Betafo

Hoodie: Morten406

Hoodie: BeerCan


April 1st winners


1st: €500 - smiggieballs

2nd: €250 - MartianAnteater 

3rd: €150 - keinopa57 

4th: €100 - Zalaone


Hoodie: sammijj601

Hoodie: ibanezgaming5

Hoodie: Scot_cheg

Hoodie: Wormweed

Hoodie: Swedel


June 17th winners



1st: €500 - elmared

2nd: €250 - Pastela

3rd: €150 - Whitewolf3355

4th: €50 +€50 - hercule000 & nachoch3ese


cap:  Frognipple

cap:   JoSSoNTV

cap:  livewithoutlimits1986

cap:  Wishmaster1986

cap:  Powaflowa

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First time i join MEme:D and i normaly never do this!   Twitch:BOBRage



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Final meme ever, made this like 4 months ago.  Going to leave the community, much love and thanks for all the entertainment over the past years.   GL Hope you guys print up a storm.

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Casinodaddy 2 weeks after receiving the Tobias Schall-packages  /TYPUGD on youtube


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Be aware. He can show up at any time and in any place. Once you hear the beercan open,  it's too late 😱


Thanks to Stimpley for providing material to make this video 😁🤟

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