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Guys, I wish you to spend Christmas in health and joy. And I hope that next year will be much better for each of you than any previous one.

We all have a need for love and hugs.
And now the funny part.
This is my contribution for this Christmas meme competition.
I hope you will like it!
Happy New Year people, spread love!

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You know you have got a good paying symbol when

even the symbol itself looks excited about the win

twitch : powaflowa


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1EDE43BF-778A-4F81-953D-F1B0BE3A11BC.thumb.jpeg.d76b590363a72d640d5897d3b4de27e9.jpeg40621C27-A150-4E76-8C0D-208284E721B4.thumb.jpeg.da7580a33bd599b8e926fcbd852380af.jpeg124BC997-EC87-46E8-95D4-5BA3E7E8DFB7.thumb.jpeg.709e2c362e3d83dcf0d0f273a55175b8.jpeg90A8AF85-1EB8-4F7E-A858-6D63E6C8F13F.thumb.jpeg.1abf1ef6ae3f2a4748d7152f8fa5355a.jpeg8137B0D1-4F52-4068-877D-7CA487B9D4F8.thumb.jpeg.1723c265c0e28c1a270bd1372a27d600.jpegSent in 2 memes but this is the one im competing with, love you guys ❤️

twitch: Nalldezz

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Here's the line to mark the end of December 17th meme review!

This months winners are:


1st: €500 - justbeerit

2nd: €300 - wraith8r

3rd: €100 - mickeywaffle90

4th: €100 - FANOFMASSE

Yggdrasil chair - Frognipple 

( winners, contact me please to claim your prizes )


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“This is the pattern, this will upgrade to a super bonus! 100%!!” Pays 50x 



Twitch: ProtesGoran




Edited by ProtesGoran
Added twitch nick.
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