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Hey Guys I sincerely apologize if Im posting the wrong way but I need help.

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I am a middle aged guy that absolutely loves playing slots. Its the only game in the casino that my attention span can withstand. So a couple years ago I tried L.Atlantis and R.Dog and never won anything. It didnt feel like a real US land based game. So about a month ago I got into these sweeps games which after almost 2k I realized were a total rip. For example you deposit 50.00 usd and get your balance up to 150.00 and steadily lose no matter how hard you bet. Im in a state that doesn't allow gaming. I tried getting into a place up North cause at the time I was trying a server from there. I couldnt get passed a certain level of security. I tried a little Roo but had no luck. I have literally researched google for hours and all the suggestions are paid reviews. Its in some magazine's "Top Five Best" then after a few mins research I find out they are fraudulent or something. I just wanna to have fun and I dont want to get screwed over. I would like to have the same level of fairness I receive when I go to land based casino in US. If someone could please tell me the place. I will figure out how to get in there. Thanks in advance. Steve

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If you like to play online casinos - then I would advise biamo, a lot of different slots and a chance of winning big.

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imo have patience till it legal in your state :) then you have some back up by laws

just watch a little of youtube or twitch 

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