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Disgusting experience with Tsars


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Hello AboutSlots Community

Just wanted to share my disgusting experience with Tsars. Last 10 months, with over 100 of deposits, I havent been able to double my initial deposit. Doesnt matter when I played, doesnt matter what I played, simply, always downhill fast as hell. Always thinking, RTP have to work, so did another depo, again, downhill. Never had worse luck than on Tsars. Anyway, I decided to take a break from them, maybe I can break the unlucky line, so I requested temporary blocking of my Tsars account. Been contacting their personal department directly. First, few days, no answer, nothing happenning. So, I have sent them another email, asking what is going on. Again, without any answer. So, I tried to login to Tsars again, and see that my account is blocked. Now, imagine, I have been spending tons of money on them, and once I want from them to do me some favor, they acted like disgusting greedy animals. Seriously, this have nothing to do with honest acting at all, I feel like a piece of trash on their shoes. Havent been expecting anything like that, but for sure, this is my first casino that is on my forever banlist. Never will be touching this disgusting company anymore. 

Just a heads up, maybe You may have another experience, guys still playing on it, but, for me, it is the worse casino experience ever. Dishonest at its best.

Thank You for reading, best of luck and gamble responsibly, Svit!



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