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Slotsmillion claim I have 2 accounts


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Slotsmillion has a Swedish License so you can only log in or create an account with Bank ID (if you're from Sweden). I tried logging in with Bank ID and it wanted me to enter personal information so I did. I deposit and win 4000 SEK that they now won't pay out because only one account per person is allowed on their site.

After digging through my emails, I can see that I did create an account on their site in 2016. But as of 2019 I have an email from them, stating that my account is now CLOSED for INACTIVITY.
The other problem is that even if I wanted to log in to my "old, inactive and closed" account, I couldn't because the only way to log in is with Swedish Bank ID.


Has this happened to others before? What do you think are the chance I can the withdrawal?

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