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The Ted Dillema


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Every morning I wake up. I grab my peanut butter toast, a nice warm mug of tea, and I turn on Casino Daddy stream. I see the boys having their ups and downs on the slots and see the requests going on in chat. "We will add that to list, Yes we will got hat after." I perk up and take a sip of tea, wiping a small amount of peanut butter from my chin. "Please play Ted," I say the smile on my face. Surely with such a polite request they will make time for Ted. "Ted is good, but we play this now," I hear them say. Maybe they will add to list, I think. "Add Ted to list please," I say in chat my smile unfading at this point. "Probably not going to play that Rezninya," comes the Swedish accent through my ears. My next bite of peanut butter toast tastes salty, its my tears dripping into my mouth. Ted is always pushed to the side. I ping Rolly in chat "PLEASE BROTHER, CONVINCE THE BROS." Rolly reaches out a ray of hope, "I will try Rezninja." He throws the chat message out, surely with a Mod requesting it will be put on the list. But no. Ted is cast aside. Never will I enjoy the weed bear and his funny comments. Back to Lucky Lady for the 6th time. I feel doomed.


Some days, Jesus sees my message and says "Yes," And I feel a surge of joy. He goes onto Ted and it fires up. I see the bonus hit within the first 15 spins. "OH YEAH OHH YEAAAH" Ted splurts in my ear and I feel Rejoice, Ted will become a slot to play. But no, He hits and runs. Gone before the slot can even get cold. A warm soup waiting to be sipped but left to die in the corners of my hopeful heart.


Please brothers, Play Ted sometimes ?

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