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Sort of blacklisting a casino due to the lack of service.

So, a family member did a deposit today at GUTS.com casino on 1000 SEK, 100% deposit bonus and the usual terms that max bet is 50 SEK.

Played some book of dead, the wiz and just trying some different slots.

Then the family member tryed book of oz, playing on the mobile with 10 sek bets. The family member then  by accident press the "respin" function (pretty easy when using a mobile) and a respin is done that cost 59 Sek.

The family member contact the live support asap and asks if this bet will make any problems in the future if she for an example wins 20000 SEK that is withdrawable after the wager is completed.

The answer she get is that they will look into this when the wager is completed/if it will be completed, and they can not guarantee that it wont make any problems in the future.


Me myself has been into this situation 2 times at other casinons, it has not been a problem to "look aside" from this bet and let the player continue to play. ( Since the player lost ,if the player win on that bet its another story)

Now this is silly, she dont wanna play anymore since if she hit that 2000x bet it will 100% not be withdrawable due to making this bet that she did not win a single shit on.


As i said, not really a blacklist, just some input how serviceminded theese people are. 




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Update :


Wager completed, she made a withdrawal of ca 7700 sek yesterday.

We all know how this will end, they will probaly keep the money due to the missclick on book of oz even tho she contacted the livesupport directly after.

Will update with the answer


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